SWOP for a cause

 Fashion SWOP parties can be a fun and fantastic way to refresh your wardrobe without spending much.

Last Saturday, we had loads of fun at the fashion SWOP party held at our roof terrace. Close to 100 participants turned up for the afternoon event to exchange their fashion apparels.

Participants or rather “SWOPPERS” brought at least 5 fashion items to SWOP with others.


Apart from saving the environment, it was a meaningful event as all proceeds collected from the SWOP party were donated to Beautiful People (www.beautifulpeople.org.sg)

Volunteers from Beautiful People

We spoke to some “SWOPPERS” to check out their “fetch of the day”.

Lianne, a self-professed eco-warrior, read about the SWOP party in Straits Times Urban. She donated over 20pcs of clothing and brought along her 12-yr-old student to experience the party. She felt that the SWOP party is a great way of recycling and reusing. “One man meat is another man poison” -Lianne.

22-yrs-old Jasmine is an active blogger. She first discovered SWOP parties through a friend last year and has been attending all kinds of SWOP parties since. Her pick at the party was a sexy salsa skirt!

The men do get it: Benjamin decided to try on the ladies skirt when he realized that most of the men’s collection has been wiped out. He strongly supports SWOP party and has attended similar parties in New York. The difference is… they had higher end fashion apparels compared to the ones in Singapore.

22-yrs-old Avalyn felt that the party is a good way to promote recycling. She revealed that she found lots of working clothes at our last SWOP party which helped prepared her for her new job. This year, she was clearing her wardrobe for CNY when she heard of the SWOP party. She brought over 33pcs of apparels to SWOP.

We spotted this stylist boy at the party. We love his cute big bag.

Apart from clothes-swopping, there was also a lucky draw where we gave away shopping vouchers. Congratulations to the top 3 winners (above).

1st prize winner at the SWOP party was Renna. It was her 3rd time attending a SWOP party and she felt that the event was a meaningful way to start the year.

Special thanks to all the volunteers and helpers from Beautiful People.

We enjoyed ourselves and look forward to see you at our next SWOP Party!

Love, Tampines 1


6 thoughts on “SWOP for a cause

  1. Hei! I know its quite late but I am also interested in taking part in the SWOP event and would also like to know when the next event will be held 😀 I have also send an email to the your email address.

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