“Crime” Scene Investigations at Tampines 1!

Shoppers at Tampines 1 had to watch where they were stepping as the trendy fashion “victims” were splayed on the floor last weekend.  Some shoppers were amused while others were made to believe that there was an on-going crime investigation at the mall.  The guerilla event was in conjunction with our fashion campaign “Get Totally Arrested!”.

Our advertising campaign using Fashion Police theme

It started with our security officers cornering off areas with the tape

Crime Scene Investigators arrived at the scene

Pretty models turned into fashion victims

Marking out the area

Lying so comfortably that he actually fell asleep!

Curious shoppers who were wondering what was going on... Heh...

Looking seriously professional

Our Fashion Police joined in the investigations

Our Fashion Police went around seeking witnesses

He started inspecting a "suspicious" shopper who was game enough to play along

Hands up!

Kudos to our Fashion Victims who had to stay very still for almost half an hour

Looking pretty dead... Okay, pun intended! Ha!

It was not easy to stay still.

Ooooo... Check out that cute bag!

Fashionistas Wanted: Dead or Alive!

For more pictures on our Fashion Crime Scenes, you may want to check out the photo album posted on our Facebook Page

Hey, it’s end of the month and we’re so looking forward to Pay Day so that we can go for another round of shopping! Woohoo!!

Love, Tampines 1


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