Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger Contest – Challenge 1

The heat is ON!  6 fashion bloggers, 3 styling challenges and $8,000 worth of prizes to be won!

This April, 6 contestants will be vying for the title of “Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger”.  The contest is jointly organized by Straits Times Urban and Tampines 1, supported by various participating labels.  The winner will walk away with $2,500 worth of AsiaMalls vouchers.

For the first challenge, the contestants were each given a bYSI skirt to style themselves with. All the items which they style themselves have to be from Tampines 1 except one which can be blogger’s own.

STYLING CHALLENGE #1: Pleated beige high-waist skirt, $49 from bYSI

Feature in Straits Times LIFE! 2 April 2010

The Contestants will be judged based on the following criteria:
● Originality – 30 points
● Styling Skills – 30 points
● Overall Image – 20 points
● Blogging /Writing Skills – 15 points
● Highest Votes – 5 points:
3 bonus points (URBAN readers) + 2 bonus points (Tampines 1 Facebook Page fans)

Our panel of judges include: Celebrity Stylist Mr Addy Lee, Urban’s Fashion Journalist Mr Ian Lee and Ms. Sandy Er bYSI’s Commercial Director. Here are the bloggers’ entries, their styling descriptions and our judges’ comments.

Contestant A – ONG YI QIN,

ITEMS FEATURED: Top, $39, from Topshop | Necklace, $39, from Topshop | Shoes, $39, from NODA | Bowler hat, Blogger’s Own

YI QIN’S STYLE DESCRIPTION :  “This outfit is simple, clean but yet fashionable. I wanted the unique shape of the skirt to be the focal point but i chose to jazz it up with the lace details on my top, a bowler hat, a colorful chunky necklace and hot pink strappy heels.”

What the Judges say about Yi Qin:

ADDY: Basically she looks very cute and trendy but the skirt and top is too pale in color and does not stand out. There was little use of accessories, making the overall look very plain, except for the colorful shoes she is wearing. It would be better if she wore a brighter top.

IAN: This look works for me because she manages to pull of that elusive “It’s wrong but it’s right look”. I like the quirky touch of the bowler cap and glasses, the artisan necklace, and the bright pop of color in the shoes.

Contestant B – DAWN POH

ITEMS FEATURED: Jacket, $139, from Topshop | Top, $106, from Topshop | Belt, $33, from Dorothy Perkins | Shoes, Blogger’s own

DAWN’S STYLE DESCRIPTION: “My decision was to play with textures this round by juxtaposing the smooth, draped form of the skirt with a more textured and structured top.”

What the Judges say about Dawn:

ADDY: She looks very sexy and very elegant. The top and belt goes very well together with the skirt but she is covered with the wrong jacket. It would look better without the jacket. The shoe she is wearing brings out the entire image. Very elegant!

IAN: The look is successful in the fact that it mixes feminine drapes, pleats and nudes (and a nice soft hair style) with hard edged elements like blacks, straps and a thick belt. Having said that, I personally feel that perhaps it’s time black gothic / biker / bondage themes take a break.

Contestant C – VALENCIA LIA

ITEMS FEATURED: Lace Bib Floral Top, $69.00, from Topshop |  Flock bow seam tights, $19.00 from Topshop | Coral Gold butterfly earrings, $16.00 from Topshop | Brown headband with peacock feathers, $16.00, from Diva | Red ribbon bow ring,$3.90, from Chamelon | Purple plastic ring, $1.90, from Chamelon | Red Scarf (worn as bracelet), $3.90, from Chamelon | Black cutout heels, Blogger’s own.

VALENCIA’S STYLE DESCRIPTION:  “Boho chic meets big city girl. Floral is still big this season and with the huge bows runway trend, tights are the way to go!”

What the Judges say about Valencia:

ADDY: She looks very nice, trendy and sophisticated. It’s a very good combination for the tops and the skirt. The choice of color goes very well with the skirt. The top’s black details make the overall outfit very classy and edgy.

IAN: She clearly knows what’s in trend this season – lace and feathers. While overall I think the look is well put together, flirty and feminine but with a punch, I think it’s a pity the smaller accessories couldn’t have more of an impact.

Contestant D – SARAH SWEE

ITEMS FEATURED: Cropped Jacket, $69.90, from Cache Cache | Mustard Yellow Basic Tank, $14.90, from Uniqlo | Navy & Cream Polka Dot Scarf worn as belt, $22.90, from Gilvan | Champion Stone Canvas Keds Shoes, $45.90, from World of Sports | Wood Watch, $28.00, from Time Network | Hair ties worn as rings on both hands, $0.50, from Chamelon | Hair ties worn as bracelet, $1.00, from Chamelon | Owl Ring –Blogger’s own


“I kept it simple and fuss-free to feature great finds with a mix of feminine and sporty elements, accessories keep things interesting too”

What the Judges say about Sarah:

ADDY: She looks very trendy, fresh and young. The PVC leather jacket gives a “rock” feel but the material of the jacket does not match with the skirt. It is a wrong top and the overall look does not harmonize.

IAN: The key message is the infusion of sporty elements, which is hot this season, and the burst of yellow. With a budget, the use of hair accessories as rings and bracelets is a smart move. Personally, I’m all for mixing diverse elements, but I’m not sure about matching a high waisted skirt with pleats, one feminine garment, with numerous sporty elements in the outfit. There’s a bit of an imbalance there for me.


ITEMS FEATURED: Men’s blue chambray cropped jacket, $69.90, from Uniqlo | Men’s red checked linen waistcoat, $49.90, from Uniqlo | Long-sleeved green polka-dot wool tunic, Blogger’s own | Men’s leather boat shoes, $149, from World of Sports | Grained gold plastic cuffs, $19 each, from Diva | Tarnished gold ring, $5.90, from Chameleon

JOSEPHINE’S STYLE DESCRIPTION: “Go sensible and feminine with this strict, pleated skirt, or layer textured menswear, tomboy boat shoes and some solid cuffs for an irreverent lazy day-best.”

What the Judges say about Josephine:

ADDY: Her overall image & look is quite adorable and fresh but she has put on too many layers at the top making the area very messy and heavy. There are too many colors and the skirt loses itself as the main focus.

IAN: The look scores for originality. I like that it infuses a lot of rugged menswear items (like boat shoes, blue chambray and checks which are all trendy for men now) but her sweet looks, that draped skirt and the gold cuffs keep things very eclectic. One of my favourites.

Contestant F- LENNE CHAI

ITEMS FEATURED: RuchedSleeve Blazer, $149, from Topshop | Black Dress (worn as top), $59, from bYSI | Grey Belt, $26, from bYSI | Socks, $9.90, from Uniqlo | Patterned Cut-Out Heels, $39.90, from Mitju | Cap, Blogger’s Own

LENNE’S STYLE DESCRIPTION: “When I first saw the skirt, it struck me as a piece that long-haired, feminine-looking girls would look great in. As a girl who sports short hair, I decided to challenge my impression of the skirt by working the skirt into an androgynous outfit that could retain the feminine essence of the skirt.”

What the Judges say about Lenne:

ADDY: The overall image is very trendy, very stylish and she has chosen the right black top for a contra. The jacket and top goes very well with the hat and skirt. It is overall a very well mix of colors and combination. Very good!

IAN: This is probably my favourite look among the six. Its a very clean and chic ensemble from head to toe, and somehow reminds me of Balenciaga’s fw09 collection. I especially like the seamless integration of the season’s hot trends: Nudes and light colours, drapes and pleats, the incorporation of menswear tailoring (newsboy cap and blazer), and socks paired with heels. The outfit takes on a lot of trends, but pulls it all together.


Dying to know who will get the highest score for the weekly challenges?  We will post up the results on our Facebook Page every Friday from 9 April onwards.  The FINAL results will be announced on 26 April 2010.

Apart from the judges’ scoring, the contestants can get additional 5 bonus points from YOUR votes.  You can vote for them through our Facebook Page or/and through URBAN SMS contest (please refer to the advertisement in URBAN on 2 April).

So vote for your favourite fashion blogger now!

Love, Tampines 1


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