Singapore’s Next Fashion Supperblogger Contest- Challenge 2

Thank you everyone for your participation by voting for your favorite blogger in the Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger Contest.  We are tabulating the results from the judges and the votes from Tampines 1 Facebook fans as well as Urban readers.  The result for each week’s challenge will be announced through our Facebook Page every Friday 9, 16 & 23 April before 6pm.  Final results will be out on 26 April.

For this week’s challenge, the contestants were each given a python skinned heels from JWest ($149.90) and they had to style themselves with fashion items found in Tampines 1 (except 1 item of their own).

STYLING CHALLENGE #2: Heels from JWest, $149.90

Feature in Straits Times URBAN, 9 April 2010

The Contestants will be judged based on the following criteria:

● Originality – 30 points
● Styling Skills – 30 points
● Overall Image – 20 points
● Blogging /Writing Skills – 15 points
● Highest Votes – 5 points:
3 bonus points (URBAN readers) + 2 bonus points (Tampines 1 Facebook Page fans)

Our panel of judges include: Celebrity Stylist Mr Addy Lee, Urban’s Fashion Journalist Mr Ian Lee and Ms. Nancy Loo JWest’s Merchandising Director. Here are the bloggers’ entries, their styling descriptions and our judges’ comments.

Contestant A – ONG YI QIN
ITEMS FEATURED: Dress – $109 from Topshop | Headband – $29 from Diva | Necklace – $29 from Diva | Shoes – $149.90 from Jwest | Cardigan – Bloggern Own

“In this outfit, I’ve chosen a black maxi dress with unique lace details on it. The gold and black color combination of the dress has a sophisticated feel which matches well with the snake print heels. I’ve also decided to incorporate my trademark fashion pieces, which is the headband and outerwear. “

What the Judges say about Yi Qin:

ADDY: Yi Qin looks comfortable with her soft material maxi dress. A little bit Bohemian touch of feel. Black color makes her look gorgeous, but her dress is too long to cover her shoe and leg. The necklace and headband are too much applied on this look. If the theme is accessories, Yi Qin probably Rocks! But sorry, the focus of this challenge is the shoe…

 IAN: Overall the look works for me because she knew how to dress it up a little and work in sync with the strappy snake skin heels, but still gave it a casual slant. Going for a luxe touch with the gold necklace, oversized ring and black ensemble was a wise move. She gave it a casual twist with the boho vibe.



Contestant B - DAWN POH

ITEMS FEATURED: Heels, $149.90 from JWest | Hair corsage $5.90 from Chameleon | Dress $139 from Topshop | Camisole, $14.90 from Uniqlo | Necklace, $13 from Diva | Harness: Blogger’s Own

I kept my coordinate girly and romantic for Spring, but prevented it from being too overwhelming with cool elements like the shoes and belt.

What the Judges say about Dawn:

ADDY: Dawn present her girly and romantic look very well. She has a nice hair do, nice pastel dress and goes well with her shoe. She looks tall and slim. The belt looks completely fine with this look, not too overwhelming. Add a little bit of details which bring up her simple dress. Very creative and trendy.

IAN: One of my favourites because she approached the soft flirty feminine themes (dress and hairband) and mixed it with edgy elements (harness and heels). Her colour choices were also good – she was clever and paired nudes and black to match the heels.

Contestant C - VALENCIA LIA

ITEMS FEATURED: Peach blouse with front pleating $59 from bYSI | Piped fluid black shorts, $89 from Topshop | Green polka dot ribbon bow hair clip, $3.90 from Chamelon | Crystallized skull ring, $5.90 from Chamelon | Sliver ring with blue gem, $9.80 from Chamelon | Grey Cassine strappy heels, $149.90 from JWest | Grey knee high socks with side ribbon bow, Blogger’s own


Russian Doll-like. Add a pop of color in an outfit with a simple touch of a colored blouse. Quick fix of my hair with a loose braid.

What the Judges say about Valencia:

ADDY: Russian Doll –like…hmm, she does look like a doll with her hair and shoe with socks. Valencia picks the right skirts to goes with her bottom. The tops is too formal, it’s suppose to be more spring and Kawaii look, if she want to bring up the doll a like concept. She can add more layer on her top, and the silky satin material is too soft for her look.

IAN: There are two main problems with the outfit. The garments selected make her look abit on the heavy side (silky top is one, garments that chop the body up into segments is two). I also have an issue with the overt clash of fabric types – the silky top, sporty socks and nubby pants don’t really go for me.

Contestant D – SARAH SWEE

ITEMS FEATURED: Peach Printed Blouse with Bow Detail worn back to front $55 from Click! | Olive Green Draped Skirt, $28.80 (U.P.: $36.00) from BYSI | Pastel Yellow Faux Ostrich Leather Bag Strap worn as belt – St. Louis (sold together with bag) | Nude Leggings ,$10 from Vogue | Silver Hammered Ring – Blogger’s own | Studded Clear Brown Watch Bracelet, $9.90 from Charmes (pushcart) | Silver Textured Cuff, $12.00 from Perfect Jewelry (pushcart) | Embossed Bronze Bangle, $5.00 from Vogue | Pastel Yellow Faux Ostrich Leather Tote, $39.90 from St. Louis | Navy and Cream Polka Dot Scarf in bag $22.90 from Gilvan Accessories | Open-Toe Reptile-Print Gladiator Zip-Up Heels $149.90 from JWest


“I wanted to feature the skirt & bag while the blouse was an unexpected find, the belt is a fun twist and accessories added much-needed bling.”

What the Judges say

ADDY: Sophisticate, classy, simple. Sarah looks cool & very nice. She chose the correct colors for her entire image. The look suitable for work & happy hr. The skirt and top is simple with a little bit of details brings her look up and Sarah look clean here. Unfortunately, as what she described, she wanted to feature the skirt & bag. She did it, the bag look outstanding, but she missed the focus this time – The shoe.

IAN: If I could voice one main grouse, it would be that overall the look does not appear expensive, which is the trick that any expert stylist wants to pull off, even when working with street fashion. Another issue is that the items selected evoke a matronly style that is well beyond her years – the nude pantyhose and ostrich effect bag/belt are too much along with faux snake skin heels. Overall the color theme doesn’t excite me either. I also find the combination of a tee with a bow and skirt with heavy drapes very distracting.


ITEMS FEATURED: Sheer thin-striped long sleeved t-shirt with sleeve embellishments, $49.90, from Promod | Jersey wide-striped maxi skirt, $69, from Topshop | Chevron-print sheer crinkle scarf, blogger’s own | Fringed crinkle scarf, $16.90, from Gilvan Accessories | Marbled ceramic bead stretch bracelet, $10.90 each, from Gilvan Accessories | Foil and acrylic coin ring, $3.90, from Chameleon | Leather wrap bracelet with magnetic closure, $3.90, from Chameleon.

Two awesome outcomes of overdosing on stripes: Looking like your childhood hero, Hamburglar and creating a confusing Moiré effect to elongate and add subtle curves.

What the Judges say

ADDY: “Wow!” was my first impression. Josephine is very daring and creative on her mix & match styling. Unfortunately, She looks a bit messy here. The stripes are over powering. As what she mentioned, it’s really overdosing & looks like zebra, too much. The shoe can’t stand out at all. The whole image not flattering at all. From the first look, thought the theme was the scarf.

IAN: Her stripe on stripe combo is quirky and interesting. Lady Gaga-esque, but overall I think the outfit lacks shape that would make it look more modern. The scarf, crinkled and tie-and-dye in appearance, doesn’t help much because it is neither retro or futuristic – a theme I think she should have tapped with the striped ensemble. But overall, the point she missed is that this isn’t really the sort of outfit that best goes with a pair of snake skin strappy heels. Snake skin prints (with straps) piled on with jailhouse stripes, heavy beaded bracelets and a crinkly scarf – its too many clashing prints and textures.

Contestant F- LENNE CHAI

ITEMS FEATURED: Dress with Ruffles (in Pink), $59 from bYSI | Accessories, $36 from Diva | Heels $149.90 from JWest

As the heels are supposed to be the focus of the outfit, I decided to keep the outfit simple. Although I feel that the shoes would match a wild style of prints really well, I wanted to try and give the shoes a softer image.

What the Judges say about Lenne:
ADDY: Cool! Simple & nice, very sexy, modern and well combination. Lenne brings out the shoe very well. She looks very tall, like a 1.72 height model in this photograph. The look is amazing with her details simple top. She looks fresh and tall. The shoe emphasize very well, straight away we can see the beauty of the shoe. It’s really look like a “shoe ad”..Good job.

IAN: She kept things minimal and that paid off. The item this week can be a tricky one to pull off. Her selection of colour and garment was clever, an all pink ruffled dress – not too plain nor too elaborate (because it is a one piece in a solid colour with only one show-detail) for a pair of statement heels. I like the juxtaposition of soft (pink, ruffles) and hard elements (strappy snake print shoes and bangles) in the outfit. Relative to some of the others, she also managed to explain her styling concept well – going through what went through her mind rather than just listing what she wore. One of the best looks of the crop.



If you have yet vote for your most stylish blogger for the last challenge, log on to our Facebook Page today! The contestants can get additional 2 bonus points from YOUR votes.

Love, Tampines 1


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