Singapore’s Next Fashion Supperblogger Contest- Final Challenge!

The judges have locked in their scores and we are now left with supporters voting for this final challenge before we can determine who will be crowned as the Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger 2010!

The Winner will walk away with $2,500 AsiaMalls shopping vouchers.  The 1st Runner-Up will receive $1,500 AsiaMalls shopping vouchers and the 2nd Runner-Up will win $1,000 AsiaMalls shopping vouchers.

For the final challenge, contestants were each given a woollen cardigan from BOSSINISTYLE (Retail Price: S$59) to style themselves with.  All the items on the bloggers have to be from Tampines 1 except one which can be the blogger’s own.


Feature in Straits Time Urban, 16 April 2010

The Contestants will be judged based on the following criteria:
● Originality – 30 points
● Styling Skills – 30 points
● Overall Image – 20 points
● Blogging /Writing Skills – 15 points
● Highest Votes – 5 points:
3 bonus points (URBAN readers) + 2 bonus points (Tampines 1 Facebook Page fans)

Our panel of judges this week includes: Celebrity Stylist Mr Addy Lee, Urban’s Fashion Journalist Mr Ian Lee and Ms. Ms Jaclyn Foo, Sales & Marketing Manager from BOSSINISTYLE. Here are the bloggers’ entries, their styling descriptions and our judges’ comments.

Contestant A - ONG YI QIN

ITEMS FEATURED: Cardigan, $59 from BossiniStyle |  Dress, $79 from Topshop  |  Headband , $19 from Diva  |  Bangles $29 from Diva  |  Necklace , $29 from Topshop  |  Ring , $6 from Diva  |  Tights , $13 from Topshop |  Shoes – $30 Carlo Rino

YI QIN’S STYLE DESCRIPTION: “I was going for a more feminine look in this outfit. The floral dress makes the cardigan more interesting and the accessories complement the outfit.”

What the Judges say about Yi Qin:

ADDY: Yi Qin looks very feminine and sweet in the flora printed dress. While the colors are very well co-ordinated, I find her black leggings too over-powering.  Her hair also looks heavy with the outfit – she will look nicer if she had tied a high pony tail instead.

IAN: This would be the more obvious approach to styling a cream cardigan – by going with a floral dress. It is a predictable look so she loses out on points for originality. Having said that, she does add some edge with the chunky bangles and tights.

Contestant B - DAWN POH

ITEMS FEATURED: Cardigan, $59 from BossiniStyle  |  Top, $46 from Dorothy Perkins  |  Skirt, $76 from Topshop |  Hair corsage, $19 from Topshop  |  Necklace, $13 from Diva  |  Diamante ring $5.90 from Chameleon  |  Shoes – Blogger’s own

DAWN’S STYLE DESCRIPTION: “I went for a soft look in a nude palette to compliment the cardigan, but kept it from being too boring and plain with the embellished neckline and accessories. I then tied this look together with black bows in the top, skirt and shoes.”

What the Judges say about Dawn:

ADDY:  Wow, Dawn looks so sweet and so pretty to me!  She has put together a very good combination of colors and has chosen the right pastel & earth-tone, creating a romantic feel to the outfit. The soft material of her outfit (especially her skirt) makes her look like a princess. Kawaii!!

IAN: After seeing her previous outfits, the first thing that comes to mind is that this look, i.e. nudes and black and soft silhouette, is very “her”. Overall, the outfit gels well in terms of colour scheme and garment types. For me it’s a bit safe and not so progressive for a final competition look.

Contestant C - VALENCIA LIA

ITEMS FEATURED: Crochet long sleeve cardigan, $59 from Bossini Style |  Vintage men’s pants, Blogger’s own  |  Denim Bralet,$39 from Topshop  |  Crystallized skull ring, $5.90 from Chamelon  |  Gold curved ring, $13 from Diva  |  Gold beads rope necklace, $23 from Diva  |  Red frame glasses, $19.90 from Uniqlo  |  Cream white oxfords, $79 from Topshop

VALENCIA’S STYLE DESCRIPTION: “Geeky chic. I love how men’s pants can play up an indie vibe to the whole look and can be worn day or for a night out.”

What the Judges say about Valencia:

ADDY: Hmm… this outfit is a little too mature for her age.  I would recommend that Valencia wears a men’s shirt to match with the men’s pants she has chosen. It will create a more metro-sexual look. Her hair is a little too long & heavy which brings down her entire appeal. There is also too much details at the top portion of her outfit and she seems very “cold” in this photo.

IAN: It’s an interesting look for her. She added a youthful touch with the denim top and a tailoring slant with the pants and shoes. Personally, I think there are too many themes going on here – the cardigan is left as a bit of a by-the-way to the get-up.

Contestant D - SARAH SWEE

ITEMS FEATURED: Black Dress – $49.50, Puma  |  Cream Knit Cardigan – $59.00, BossiniStyle  |  Thin Leather Cuff worn as neckpiece – $19.90, Man Master  |  Braided Belt worn as neckpiece – $22.00, Bus Stop  |  Safety Pins worn as shoe embellishments – $4.30  |  Chamelon, Metallic Clutch – Blogger’s own  |  Brown Cutout Ankle Booties – $23.90, Milan Collection

SARAH’S STYLE DESCRIPTION: “Inspired by Susie Bubble and Sass&Bide SS2010’s tribal & embellished influences, played up cardi’s angular knit with braided belt neckpiece.”

What the Judges say about Sarah:

ADDY: Wow, she looks very elegant & stylish in this outfit. It is simple and has an international designer feel to it. I find the overall styling and combination really nice and trendy. I like her neckpiece and it matches exceptionally well with her cardigan. Sarah has managed to make the cardigan and the little black dress look as if they belong to 1 outfit. Well done!

IAN: It’s a bold move to update the cream cardigan with the tribal look – one of the big trends of the season. Overall, I think its a good effort – the woven belt and neckpiece look like a part of the cardigan, which is why she manages to pull off the tribal theme on a garment that otherwise has no tribal qualities at all. She D.I.Y.-ed and dressed up the shoes to look tribal, brownie points there too. To me overall it looks like a nod to Gucci’s ss10 – with the LBD and some harness detailing.


ITEMS FEATURED: Cardigan, $59 from BossiniStyle  | Mauve lace long shirt dress (tied at waist), $99, from Topshop  |  Black drop-crotch pants, blogger’s own  |  Dark navy pleated clutch, $23, from Net  |  Chain fringe necklace, $29, from Springfield  |  Braided satin wrap bracelet with brass charms, $19.90, from Diva  |  Grained gold plastic cuffs, $19 each, from Diva  |  Tarnished gold ring, $5.90, from Chameleon  |  Marble and metal bangle, $8.90, from Chameleon  |  Lattice cut-out heels, $39.90, from Mitju

JOSEPHINE’S STYLE DESCRIPTION: Get granny and pile on crochet after lace, but douse the dorkiness with pieces you grandma wouldn’t wear – drop-crotch pants, heavy chain-mail and sexy heels.

What the Judges say about Josephine:

ADDY: Overall, she looks very nice, comfortable and stylish. The outfit has really nice color combination and styling. The only item missing from the outfit is heels! It will be nice if she wore a pair of platform wedges to complete the sexy look.

IAN: This is probably my favourite look of the bunch. A cardigan and lace in nudes and light hues can be difficult to pull off because of the matronly association with the threads. Having said that, both are big trends for the season and this is a good example of how to modernize the styles/garments.  First thing she got right is she played with proportion and layering – cardi appears cropped vs cardigan and she rolled up the sleeves of both. Three quarter harem pants also added to the visual treat in terms of proportions.
The shoes with cut-out details and chunky bangles in complementary colours also added edge to the look.

Contestant F- LENNE CHAI

ITEMS FEATURED: Cardigan (worn as Scarf), $59, from BossiniStyle  |  Designers Invitation for UT: zechia in Navy (worn as Top), $49.90, from Uniqlo  |  Denim Leggings, $29.90, from Uniqlo  |  Accessories, $36, Diva, Boots, Bloggers’ Own

LENNE’S STYLE DESCRIPTION : I’ve always believed in the versatility of an object. If a skirt can be worn as a tube, why can’t a cardigan be worn as a scarf? Similarly, I aim to show various sides to my style through my dressing. Throughout this competition, I’ve portrayed a feminine side, a serious side, and now, a casual and quirky side. Although my mode of expression may be unusual, I hope that this final outfit can reflect my willingness to be different as well.

What the Judges say about Lenne:

ADDY: Lenne looks really trendy, vibrant and young. The color combination for the outfit is fantastic. Unfortunately, the theme for this challenge is the cardigan. In this picture, I can’t really tell that the cardigan is wrapped around her neck. Although this will look great on CLEO magazine as a fashion advertorial, but not for this challenge..oops.

IAN: I do like the androgynous look on her. A girl with short hair can always bank on the Agyness Deyn look. The striped tee, denim leggings and the boots (I do love the pop of bright pink for a girl, on the otherwise masculine military boot) go well together. The only thing is the cardigan is a bit lost in her styling.


Log on to our Facebook Page to vote for your most stylish blogger now! The contestants can get additional 5 bonus points from YOUR votes.

Voting closes next Thursday, 22 April 2010.  We will announce the winner for the Week 3 Challenge on 23 April and the FINAL results on 26 April 2010 in our Facebook!  So stay tuned!!

Love, Tampines 1


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