Green Lantern Making Competition

In celebration of the Mid Autumn Festival, Tampines 1 and OKTO channel have organized a “Green Lantern” Competition!

This is an eco-friendly competition between school teams to build a large-sized lantern through the use of recyclable materials. The aim is to promote team spirit and harmony.

We have shortlisted 6 entries from schools and they will display their lanterns at the mall on 18th September 2010 for shoppers’ voting.

Here are the students’ entry with their behind the scenes photos + their design concept.


Entry 1: Tampines North Primary School (Group 1)

Entry written by Students

Theme: Eco Green

When we were told to design a lantern with the environment and the theme “harmony” in mind, the very first image that our team thought of was the globe.

Mother Earth is a very special planet which we live on. We thought that we could design a lantern in the shape of a globe, filled with pictures of animals and humans living in harmony on a clean and green Earth.

We later decided to include flowers instead of animals as we felt that they would make our lantern more colourful. Instead of the usual circular shape, we decided to create a globe that is square. We made use of a discarded cardboard box which we found in the school’s office for the main body of our lantern.

We collected many plastic bags, magazines, cardboard boxes and even foils from the chocolates we had eaten. We cut up multiple green and blue plastic bags to create the colours needed for our globe. We also made use of red plastic bags to craft ruffles for the base of our lantern.

The flowers and humans were designed using magazines pages of different colours. We relied heavily on the collage technique to create our lantern.

We hope that our lantern can bring across the message of the importance of harmony with our environment. It is important for us to keep our Earth clean and green for generations to come!


Entry 2: Tampines North Primary School (Group 2)

Entry written by Students

Theme: Fire Sight

We came up with the final design for this lantern after much deliberation when our teacher first briefed us about the competition. We worked hard and put in a lot of effort for the lantern. Initially, we wanted to create a lantern in the shape of a flower as we thought that flowers are one of the most beautiful living things on our planet. It makes the Earth lively and vibrant.

As we had much difficulty coming up with a sturdy lantern’s body in the shape of a flower, we changed our design to that of a hot air balloon. The shape of the lantern also symbolizes the act of soaring high up into the sky to admire the Earth’s wonders.

To create the lantern’s body, we used plastic containers which were glued together. Wound tightly around the body, are strands of “ropes” weaved using plastic bags.

We cut out petals from plastic bags of various colours and pasted them all over the body of the lantern. Attached to the lantern’s body is the basket of the hot air balloon, created from a plastic drink bottle. We found pictures of animals and humans in magazines and pasted them around the basket.

We should appreciate our Earth’s natural environment. Whenever possible, we should reuse and recycle all materials, especially non-biodegradable ones! We have learned that many materials which appear to be trash can actually be turned into art pieces through this lantern-making competition.


Entry 3: St Hilda’s Primary School

Entry written by Students

Theme: The design is about a school boy carrying a backpack. The backpack contains things which we use in school. We wish to portray school life as fun, interesting and important.

The materials used can be easily found around us and are used in everyday life.

We hope that this project will encourage everyone to reuse, reduce and recycle used materials in a useful and interesting way. Hence, we have transformed the recycled materials into things that are used in daily life, such as pencil case, school bag, water bottle, etc


Entry 4:  Chongzheng Primary School  (Group 1)

Entry written by Students

Theme: The Group created a heart-shaped lantern using wire, strips of old t-shirt, paper box, plastic bottles, recycled prop (huge red heart) and wooden frames from model templates. They then weaved in scrap materials and fabric.

Plastic bottles were used to decorate the lantern

Toy packaging were also used to decorate the lantern


Entry 5: Chongzheng Primary School  (Group 2)

Entry written by Students

Theme: The Group conceptualized a flower structure mounted with plastic bag to give an edge to the finishing emblazoned with beads and sequins, making used of wire, recycled stand, plastic bottles and pink feathers.

Plastic bags and plastic caps were used to decorate the lantern


Entry 6:

North Vista Primary School

Entry submitted by Students

Theme: A metal tin is the most common item in most families. Instead of throwing it away, our students found we can recycle and reuse it to recreate an interesting and at the same time a creative work of art. On our creation – lantern – we decided on a floral and fauna theme, in line with the “Go Green” idea for the event.

Luke and Illonia at work…hamming nail into the milo tin to create patterns.

The team challenged themselves by using hammer and nails to create the design. Depicting the idea that going green is tough but if we were to persist, we could see the beautiful shadow that is lighted through the holes. As it gets darker (tougher), the shadow (results) becomes sharper.


The entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

Judges (50%): Reviewed by a panel of judges

  • Based on lantern size and creativity (15%)
  • Number of recycled item used (15%)
  • Concept & blog article (10%)
  • Team effort (10%)

Facebook voting (25%) Online voting open to everyone: Voting closes on 17 September 2010, 12 midnight.

Shoppers voting (25%) Come to our mall on 18 September 2010 to vote for your favourite entry!

Log on to Tampines 1 facebook to vote for your favorite team now!


Tampines 1


4 thoughts on “Green Lantern Making Competition

  1. good for the environment
    good for the kids
    they must be having fun
    in letting their creative juice out
    thanks to you
    i had just fun too

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