It’s a Jade Rabbit Mid-Autumn @ Tampines 1!

We had a fun time last weekend as many shoppers brought their pet rabbit to Tampines 1 for the Prettiest White Rabbit, Longest Wabbit Ears & Most Beautiful Rabbit Eyes contest.

It was an eye-opening experience as this was the first time we saw so many different breeds of rabbits gathering together.

We spotted a stylish bunny that was as huge as a puppy

Another fashionably-dressed rabbit that came in her Sunday Best. Nice pretty dress!

This rabbit looked like it just woke up... *yawn*... Yo, what's up dude?

This rabbit that looked as chirpy as its owner. 🙂

There was a rabbit that loved its LV bags

Everyone was eager to show off their pet bunnies on stage

This gentleman even brought his girlfriend's pet... Oops!

This bunny was just as cute as its owners

We spotted a sweet little owner who was as young as her pet rabbit. Everyone was so worried when she tried to handle her fury pet.

"Mochi" won the Large size- Longest Ear Wabbit contest! She was rather shy and refused to come out of her cage.

"Hope" was crowned the Prettiest White Rabbit with its glowing furs.

"Zen" was one of the rabbits with the most beautiful eyes! We loved its "mascara"-looking eyes!

How could we miss out TUZI – Winner of Channel U’s Superband 2008 in such a rabbit-licious event?  The lovely gals from the band wowed the crowds as they belted out various songs from their newly released debut ablum “Hey! 兔子TUZI”. We were totally mesmerized by their acoustic sets.

We certainly hope you have enjoyed our Jade Rabbit’s Mid-Autumn Celebrations! Enjoy the full moon tonight… Who knows, you may spot the rabbit on the moon! 😉

Love, Tampines 1!


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