Results of the “Green” Lantern Making Competition

Congratulations to all students who took part in Tampines 1  “Green” Lantern Making Competition held on 18 September 2010.

If you have missed the fun competition and on-site activities,  here are some of the event highlights:

All participating schools displayed their lanterns at the mall

Shoppers voted for their favorite artwork using pegs

One of our judges assessing a lantern entry

Who will win the top prize?

1st Prize : Chong Zheng Primary School (Group 2)

2nd Prize: Tampines North Primary School (Group 2)

3rd Prize: Chong Zheng Primary School (Group 1)

4th Prize: Tampines North Primary School (Group 1)

We love the details Tampines North Primary School (Group 1) put into their lantern. There is a world in it. Check out the flowers and squirrels!

5th Prize: North Vista Primary School

6th Prize: St Hilda's Primary School

You can read and find out more on the students’ work here. Students from Chong Zheng Primary School also performed Chinese dance during the event.

Chong Zheng Primary School- Chinese Dance Group

Chong Zheng Primary School's Modern dance group. They danced SNSD's Run!

Kids were so inspired that they wanted to learn how to make lanterns too!

Cute lanterns! 🙂

Kids love it!

We hope the students and kids have enjoyed themselves during the lantern making process.  Most importantly, we hope to pass on to them the spirit of eco-friendliness!

Love, Tampines 1


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