How to train your pets

Pets are incredibly intelligent creatures. They just need a little patience and  guidance to help them blend into our lifestyle. Most pets can understand certain words, phrases or commands within a short period of time.  But don’t expect them to obey you all the time, because their animal instinct will occasionally propel them to make their own decisions.  This is especially so for pets such as birds, cats and rabbits which are known to be fiercely independent.

While some pets are independent in nature, all pets love our attention and they need tender loving care. Some owners believe in giving their pets proper training, but we feel that bonding with our pets is equally important. With a strong bonding, you will find your pet more willing to cooperate with you.

Here are some tips which may help you in caring for your pets:

1.   Spending time with your pets is crucial to build a healthy relationship with them.

2.   Repeat a command as often as possible, and offer them a treat or pet them whenever they obey.  It is advisable to keep the command short and simple.

3.   Teach your pet a new command each week and spend at least an hour with them on the commands.  Revision is important for pets too 🙂

4.   Never hit your pet. This is traumatizing to them!

Hope you can communicate with your pets better from now 🙂

If you need more tips, do visit Pet Station at Tampines 1 – Level 5!

Love, Tampines 1


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