Spot a new hairstyle for a slimmer look

In one of the episodes of “Biggest Loser” TV program, Hairstylist Ken Paves has advised those with extra pounds to avoid hairstyles that are too extreme – i.e. anything that is too long or too short, too light or too dark.  Hence, we have decided to recommend four hairstyling tips that had worked well for us and we would like to share them with you!


If your hair is Short…we recommend the Cheeky Pixie

Who says short hair will expose your flaws?  A pixie hair cut with layers that add fullness to the crown is perfect for women who have natural wavy hair. The radically short haircut frames the upper part of the face and highlights the fine cheekbones. Style it with some hair clay and leave the fringe flowing by the side – you will look slimmer and stunning with confidence!



If your hair is Mid-Length…we recommend the Sassy Shag

The shag or the medium-length layered cut is an ideal choice for easy maintenance. It is great for ladies with round face shapes because the length significantly lengthens the face. You can wear bangs that are the “in” thing and have it angled to reduce the forehead width. Layers also help to bring out the femininity of the face.

If your hair is Long…we recommend the Lovely Lengths

Most women, especially with a few extra pounds, will look better with longer hair styles than shorter ones. With a longer hair length, one can have more styling options. Tie up the top half of your hair and leave the bottom flowing for a touch of softness. If you have bangs, push it to the side and apply some hair gel, creating slight waves to add a soft touch.

If you like frequent changes…we recommend to have Clever Layers

Layers below the ears and nearer to the ends of the hair, can reduce the wideness of the face. This hairstyle is recommended for women who have square face shape and angular jaws.  The hair can be of any length, but most hairstylists would suggest the shoulder-length, where the layers can do their best in reducing the fullness of the chin, jaw and neck.

Hope you will have fun trying the recommended styles!

Meanwhile you can check out any of our professional hairstylists at Twister (#05-26) & Anthony Hair Boutique (#05-22).

Love, Tampines 1


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