Usher in a Year of Abundance with the Fortune Cat!

Don’t we all love the festive season? Chinese New Year is around the corner again! After we bade farewell to Santa Claus, we now welcome the Maneki Neko to Tampines 1! More affectionately known as the Japanese Fortune Cat!

A  popular symbol of good luck, the Fortune Cat is also seen as an invitation to prosperity and success in business because of its raised paw. As though beckoning for good business, it is very often found sitting in the windows and entrances of shops and restaurants.  

What you don’t know about the Fortune Cat:

1. If the right paw is raised, it symbolises invitation of money and good fortune.

2. If its the left paw, it represents inviting customers or crowds.

3. If both paws are raised, it means protecting the home or the business.

Colours of the Fortune Cat have meanings too!

– Pink Cat is for love, relationships and romance.

– White Cat is for purity and positive things to come.

– Green Cat is for health or education.

–  Golden Cat is for wealth and prosperity.

Whatever colour of the Fortune Cat suits you, head on down to Tampines 1 where you can bring this Kawaii cat home!

Simply spend $50* to redeem Fortune Cat red packets and $150* for Fortune Cat goodie holders! What’s more, stand a chance to win up to $7,240 worth of shopping and dining vouchers at our Fortune Draw!

You'll be delighted to receive these pretty red packets!

Add to the mood of Chinese New Year with these pretty goodie holders!

Bring them home now!

Soak up the mood of Chinese New Year while you shop for new clothes and goodies at Tampines 1! Do look out for many attractive offers, discounts and events like the Dancing Roving Cats, Oriental Jazz Band, Chinese Calligraphy & Clay Figurine Workshops and the annual SWOP party at Manpuku Japanese Gourmet Town.  

Gong Xi Gong Xi!

*While stocks last. T&Cs apply. For more information, visit our website (

Love, Tampines 1.


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