Create a romantic makeup look for Valentine’s Day

The guy you have a crush on has finally asked you out! You are all excited and fretting over the perfect dress to wear, the kind of makeup to put on and so much more to prepare for the date. We know how that feels (we’ve been through it too!). Let us give you a hand! We spoke to the folks at Sasa #02-36 about how to create the romantic makeup look for Valentine’s Day. Sure to make your crush’s heart go racing!

Starting with the eyes ….

1. Blend Nature Colour Highlight (top left colour; refer to eye shadow palette below) over the entire eyelid with a eyeshadow blush/applicator.

2. Apply Main Colour (bottom left colour) over the entire eyelid crease and apply Shade Colour (top right colour) in the middle of eyelid.

3. Finally, apply eyeliner and mascara to finish the eye makeup.

Check out Sasatinnie Dolly Precious Eyeshadow Palette, $18.90 to achieve these gorgeous eyes! Available in 4 colours, this seductive palette of 4 rich and versatile colours allow you to create a multitude of makeup looks, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Quick tip on application: For a more natural makeup look, use the foam applicator dry and apply the powder over the entire upper eyelid. For a very intense effect, dampen the foam applicator slightly before use.

Now, we move on to the cheeks…..

For easy application, sweep blush downwards from the ear to mid cheek, beginning in line with the top of the ear and ending at the end of the apple of your cheek.

Cyber Color Gemstone Blush $32.90

It is best to choose colors that are close to your skin tone. Always remember though, when it comes to applying your blush, less is best.

Complete the look with luscious lips!

Apply lip gloss over lipstick or alone. What’s really good about lip gloss is that it will always emphasize, making your lips appear fuller. Women with extra full lips, do use lip gloss sparingly.

Sasatinnie Aqua Magic Gloss $11.90

TADAH!!! There you have it, impress your date with this perfect romantic makeup look! Good luck! 🙂

Love, Tampines 1. 


2 thoughts on “Create a romantic makeup look for Valentine’s Day

  1. hi i came across ur blog while searching for calligraphy.
    may i know how can i contact the calligraphy master in your post? i am keen to purchase some calligraphy from him.

    looking fwd to ur reply. thank u

    • Hi Shery,

      Thanks for your enquiry. Apologies but we do not have the contact details of the calligraphy master as we engaged him through an events company. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Cheers! Tampines 1

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