Festive treats! Yums!

It’s 2 days to Chinese New Year! Our team at Tampines 1 is excited! Yay! I’m sure all of us look forward to the once a year season of indulgence, digging into those irresistible yummy Chinese New Year goodies!

We just can’t help but be attracted by all the goodies available at Tampines 1!

At Kedai Kue Kue #B1-29

Handmade pistachio cookies, $13.80

We really like how pretty these strawberry cookies look! Adds a touch of red to the goodies! Definitely a hit with your guests! $15.80

What is Chinese New Year without these?! Premium pineapple tarts, $22.80

Lapis Legit, full tray $50

Love cheese? Then you got to try Sagu cheese, $14.80

At Emicakes #B1-15

Golden Prosperity: Eggless pineapple butter cake, $19.90

What better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than with a cute Cai Shen Ye design cake? Enjoy 15% off!

At Cold Storage #B1-01/02

Assorted goodies, $6.88 Sweeeeet!

We were really intrigued by this big fa cai pumpkin! Bringing you lots of prosperity and wealth, $2.95

You need tangerines for all your house visits! Basket of tangerines, $6.88

A popular decorative plant for the house – Lucky bamboo, $18.90

At Icing Room #B1-K1

Fortune Cake, $38.80

Orange sugee, $6.80

At Bakerzin, #01-39/40

If you are looking for a different kind of treat, a must try is Bakerzin's assorted mochi, $38 for 24 pieces. Take your pick from a variety of flavours - Black sesame, green bean barley, Macha red bean, Orange, Peanut, Red bean barley, Sweet potato & Yam

There you have it…..so much goodies to choose from!

Share the love ….. and food! 🙂 Gong xi gong xi!

Love, Tampines 1


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