A Good Valentine’s Day gift? or bad?

We came across this interesting article about what the top 5 WORST Valentine’s Day gifts guys can get for their girlfriends/wives. We thought it was really interesting and would like to share it here.

Just a quick summary:

5) A break-up or a wedding proposal
We really can’t imagine our boyfriends breaking up with us on Valentine’s Day. GOSH!  A wedding proposal? Hhmm… it can be really sweet if your girlfriend is expecting it already or it may just spoil the date if you catch her off guard.  

4) Clothes that don’t fit
Sensitive! Make sure you know her size! If it’s too big, you risk making her think that you feel she is bigger than she really is. If it’s too small, you want her to lose weight? You get the drift.

3) Kitchen appliances of any kind
I don’t think many girls will like an electrical appliance for a Valentine’s Day gift. Or at least not on Valentine’s Day. Unless she asks for it. There are many other gift options available.  

2) Flowers
Girls love receiving flowers, we know. Ok, we admit it. We love it too. But with our sane mind, we also do know that prices of flowers are marked up to a ridiculous price on this day and the money is better spent elsewhere. We are sitting on the fence on this.  

1) Stuffed Toys
Big, huggable ones are cute! Of course, it really depends whether your girlfriend/wifey has that childlike innocence in her and if she likes stuffed toys in the first place. Give us a cute teddy anytime! 🙂

Do take this with a pinch of salt! To us, any gift is a good gift, if its given to us by our loved ones.

Read more: http://sg.promotion.yahoo.com/weekend-edition/hype/post/hype/53/5-worst-valentines-day-gifts.html 

You’ll be happy to know that Tampines 1 has plenty of Valentine’s Day gift ideas and even dining options. We want to make sure you have a romantic evening! 🙂

Check these out…. 

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Love, Tampines 1


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