Strawberry, the fruit of love

We thought that Valentine’s Day was over. However, we were pleasantly surprised by Bakerzin’s #01-39 Korean Strawberry promotion that celebrates the fruit of love.

Ahhh….the fruit of love. What a lovely way to describe the fruit. Sweeeeet!

Strawberries are often whimsically referred to as the fruit of love. A fruit that symbolises love, fertility and sexuality. It is mainly because of the strawberry’s heart-shaped form, its sweetness and its vividly red colour.

Besides these characteristics, strawberries are also great for boosting your energy and health. It is a good way to increase your daily intake of vitamin C and because of its antioxidant properties, the fruit is excellent for promoting cardiovascular health and slows down the effects of ageing.

We simply love such a useful fruit and most of all, its delicious and sexy! We were attracted by Bakerzin’s many strawberry pastries, big and small!

From left to right: Strawberry Panna Cotta $6.50, Mini Strawberry Tart $4.50 & Strawberry Eclair $5.20. They look so irresistible!

Strawberry Strudel, $32. This looks very good for parties or get-togethers.

Strawberry Tart (whole) $48. Loves how the tart is filled with all kinds of berries...strawberries...raspberries...blueberries...simply delectable!

Heart-shaped Strawberry Shortcake $32. A heart-shaped cake!! Need we say more? Guys! This is the perfect cake for the girl of your dreams!

 We just can’t get enough of strawberries and went around the mall to look for more!

This is what we found at Sol Mart #B1-22

Top to Bottom: Chewy Strawberry Candy $1.20 & Strawberry Sweets $1.30

Strawberry Biscuit Pie $4.20. Good tea-time snacks!

Strawberry Roll Wafers $2.90.

We got more excited as we found more strawberry goodies!

At Emicakes #B1-15

Strawberry Cheese Dessert $2.80. Strawberry and cheese! Woo la la!

Strawberry Cupcakes $2.20 at The Icing Room #B1-K1

At Yamakawa Super #B1-08

Strawberry Pocky $6.50. Didn't we start eating Pocky since young? Love this snack!

Strawberry Gummy $4.70. Chewy and juicy!

To top it off, how about a Fantasy Ice Blended with Pearls or Jelly? Rich strawberry with Lychee flavour….cool and refreshing!

Have a strawberry fun day at Tampines 1!

Love, Tampines 1


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