Start a new day with a yummy breakfast!

Do you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? In simple terms, breakfast means “breaking the fast” from the last meal taken the day before, which will be at least 8 to 10 hours ago. Breakfast is the first chance that the body has to refuel the body with nutrients and energy that people need to start their day off right.

Research has also proven that breakfast increases the attention level in children and it also help reduce obesity. People who have a healthy breakfast are less prone to binge for the rest of the day. There is absolutely no reason why one should skip breakfast.

With so many benefits, we are not skipping breakfast either! We woke up early today so that we can have a hearty breakfast to start the day right! 🙂

We have a craving for western today so we decided to give Carl’s Junior #B1-05 a try. They have a variety of breakfast sets. There is bound to be something for everybody!

Yums! The Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich Combo (Sausage) $7.10 really whets my appetite!

And if you love the taste of crispy bacon in the morning, try the Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich Combo too but this time with bacon.

The Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich Combo (Bacon) $7.10

Kudos to Carl’s Junior for having two options for the same breakfast set. Just like the Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich, the Sunrise Croissant too comes with a choice of sausage or bacon. We are spoilt for choice!

The Sunrise Croissant Combo (Bacon) $7
The Sunrise Croissant Combo (Sausage) $7

Thumbs up to the Breakfast Burger! If you are one who likes variety, this is the burger for you! Sandwiched between two wholesome buns are bacon, sausage, cheese, egg and hashbrowns! All in one burger! Loves how the cheese melts in our mouths with the other ingredients. Whooot!

The Breakfast Burger Combo $8.10

If you are not a burger person in the morning, try the bacon and egg burrito. It is lighter and we really love how generous the slice of egg is!

The Bacon and Egg Burrito $7

Last but not least, this French Toast Dips Combo $6.90 is my favourite! Especially for customers who have a sweet tooth like me! Just dip these french toast peppered with fine icing sugar on top into the maple syrup and its heaven! Sweeet!

From left to right: Yellow chilli peppers, Salsa & Jalapenos

While we were digging into our sumptuous breakfast, we can’t help but notice that Carl’s Junior provides these appetisers to complement their burgers. We were really curious about how the yellow chilli peppers taste like and we gave it a shot. We thought it would be very spicy but it was not! It was more sour than spicy! These appetisers are really refreshing and make their burgers taste even better. We were also told that many of their loyal customers love these appetisers and kept coming back for more. This really sets them apart from the other fast-food chains.   

It was such a satisfying breakfast for us at Carl’s Junior. So do not say that you woke up late and have no time for breakfast. You really don’t know what you are missing out! 🙂 Have a great breakfast everyone!

Love, Tampines 1


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