It was loads of fun for Moms & Kids!

Moms and Kids had a great bonding time together as Tampines 1 imparted the art of fun to them! Over the weekend of 5 and 6 April, our skilful balloon sculpturist brought much colour and joy to our little shoppers as she made many colourful balloon sculptures for them.
Our talented balloon sculpturist creating beautiful balloon sculptures for the kids. I love her balloon headgear! 🙂  
Our cute little shopper loves her fairy balloon! She had fun swinging it around in the air, as though the fairy is flying!
There were many balloon sculptures to choose from. From flying fairies, swimming mermaids to machine guns and animals, kids love their balloons to bits! Moms just need to spend a min. of $20* and they can bring home their favourite balloon sculpture. 

A blue curly snake balloon! Our happy family with their balloons!

Our happy mom and kid with their butterfly and tomato balloon sculptures!

Kids had a great time having their arms painted with beautiful and colourful motifs too!

Look ma, pretty flowers on my arm! 🙂

Let me throw out some cobwebs! I am Spiderman!

Draw me a beautiful butterfly!

I love my twirling balloons and my little car painting on my arm! Vrrooommm!

Not to fret if you missed our balloon sculpture and hand painting activities. The next sessions will be on 20 & 27 March, 3pm to 5pm. Come on down and join us! 

Our shoppers were happily entertained by our Dancing Fashion Show of moms and kids who performed with attitude! However, our shoppers must be thinking……are the mums pregnant?? And they still can dance? Point to note: No babies were harmed during the dance and all the dancers have been professionally trained! Do come on down and witness for yourself if they are really pregnant?!

Our dancing 'pregnant' moms and lovable kids!

Our pretty mums grooving to the beat!

These talented kids sure know how to dance!

Our dancers worked up a sizeable crowd!

WOW!! I can't do this, can you? Kudos to our young dancer!

Catch our fabulous dancers again on 19 & 20 Mar, 3.30pm to 6.30pm.

Coming up this weekend  on 19 Mar, is our Kids Tea Parties! Let your kids be entertained by  magic shows, puppet shows and balloon sculptures. What’s more, enjoy free flow of confections, popcorn, candy floss and drinks. Simply spend a min. of $30* at Level 4 and 5 to enroll your kids in DIY workshops to create animal puppets with paper bags, customised door hangers with ice cream sticks and more. Such fun!

Moms and Kids need to practice more to master the art of fun! 🙂

*Terms and conditions apply.

Love, Tampines 1


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