Fresh off the stove! Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders at Carl’s Jr.

Our team was really excited when Carl’s Jr invited us to food test their latest product – Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders. Hot off the stove – literally as the chicken tenders are just being launched this week!

What’s really special about the chicken tenders is that they are freshly prepared by hand in the kitchens at each of their outlets throughout the day. Foodies like us simply love how the authentic taste is maintained when the chicken tenders are prepared and fried only when we order them. Nice! This is vastly different from the other fast food chains which prepare partially-fried and frozen chicken strips at their headquarters first before sending them down to their outlets.

We were very privileged to be invited into the kitchen to witness the preparation of the chicken tenders.  I’ve never stepped into a kitchen of a fast-food restaurant but I’m sure not everyone is allowed in as the operations are a trade secret! 🙂

And so the preparation process starts. The chicken strips are big! Made with all-white meat from juicy chicken breasts, the chicken strips are first dipped in creamy buttermilk and egg batter. Next, they are rolled in seasoned flour and they are all set to be cooked! They look yummy already! Lastly, they are fried in healthy vegetable oil to a golden perfection.  

Within just a few minutes, the chicken tenders were ready! We could smell the fragrance of the chicken tenders immediately once they are removed from the cooking oil. YUMS!   

And there you have it, the scrumptious Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders from Carl’s Jr!

We really love how the chicken tenders are really crispy and tender. The chicken meat is also really soft. The combo meal comes with a small fries and drink. For a 3-piece combo meal, it cost $8.20 and for a 5-piece, it is $10.40. Really affordable for a meal that is so fresh and tasty.

The chicken tenders make for a very good snack too as we found ourselves popping them into our mouths non-stop as we got carried away in our conversations. It is just so easy to eat! 

The good folks at Carl’s Jr didn’t forget to complete the dining experience. 🙂 Customers are treated to a delectable range of sauces like the creamy Buttermilk Ranch, Honey Mustard and all time favourite BBQ dipping sauce to compliment the savoury taste of the chicken tenders.  

Here’s another good reason for you to patronise Carl’s Jr. Stand to win $100,00 in cash and prizes with every $15 spend in a single receipt! Wow!

First Prize: $6,000 cash & $2,000 Carl’s Jr Gift Card

Second Prize: $3,000 cash & $1,000 Carl’s Jr Gift Card

Third Prize: $1,000 cash & $500 Carl’s Jr Card

And many other prizes to be won!

Freshness at its best. We were also told that the team at Carl’s Jr is all geared up for this launch and they are broadcasting their first television commercial in Singapore for these chicken tenders. How cool is that?

Come on down … you got to try it!

Love, Tampines 1


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