Fun and Laughter at Kids Tea Party!

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than to spend it at Tampines 1’s Kids Tea Party? Kids had a great time doing handicrafts! They learned how to make animal puppets using paper bags and their own door hangers. Look at how much fun the Kids are having!

This little girl used a paper bag to make an owl puppet.
This sister and brother team let their creative juices flow as they made their own door hangers. Look at how colourful they are!

It was so easy to participate in our kids workshops! Moms just need to spend a minimum of $30 at Level 4 or 5 to enroll their kids in these Do-It-Yourself workshops held at Level 4. What’s more, the kids can bring home their own creations at the end of the workshops.

Look! I made a piggie puppet!

Some of the kids decorated their own mugs.

Kids hard at work! Personalising their own mugs with decorations and drawings.

Our kids tea party was a hit with the kids! We had many little participants!

Besides taking part in the activities, the kids were treated to cotton candy, drinks and also muffins! Fun and food! Yeah!

Haha! You've got cotton candy stuck on your face!

There was also much fun and laughter as the kids were entertained by the puppeteer and magician.

The puppeteer making the little girl laugh in delight as his 'colourful bird' pokes fun at her.

The magician performing a trick for the girls.

The little boy in a big smile as he takes a photo with the 'horse'.

The kids also get to bring beautiful and colourful balloon sculptures home! Happy!

What’s more, moms are happy that participating kids stores are offering 20% storewide at the party!  WOW! It’s shopping time! Such a happy day for both moms and kids! 

We will be having another kids tea party this coming Saturday, 26 March, 3 to 6pm at Level 4. Your kids are going to have a ball of fun! Come join us!

Love, Tampines 1


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