AsiaMalls Million Dollar Memo

We have just submitted our Million Dollar Memo video!

Asiamalls million dollar memo video

Support us please! Watch and vote for us by clicking on this link: Asiamalls Million Dollar Memo Video

Words could not express how united our team spirit is, here at AsiaMalls Management. Which is why, being here, makes our job, the best in the world!

Wait wait, why the sudden mention of the BEST ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD?

Well, remember the “Best Job in the world” campaign by Australia Tourism years back? This time, Tourism Queensland has sent out a Million Dollar Memo inviting companies and workplaces worldwide to compete for the Ultimate Reward – one million dollars (AUD) worth of travel experiences to Queensland, Australia.

For the contest, we have to put together a video entry to demonstrate why our company is a great place to work and why Queensland is the ultimate reward destination.

One of our colleagues spotted the Million Dollar Memo print advertisement. Coincidentally, our General Manager also had the idea for Asiamalls to submit a video.

Time was however, not on our side. We had to film, edit and garner votes for our video within days. We put together a simple storyboard, invited colleagues from our sister malls (Tiong Bahru Plaza, Hougang Mall, Liang Court, White Sands and Century Square) to join us for the filming. Of course, nothing is impossible for us! We did it! 🙂

Before our mall was opened officially to the public, we gathered at the travelator, pretending to surf.

We did our filming before the mall was opened to the public. We gathered ourselves at one of our travellators, pretending to surf, for the video.

We had lots of fun!

One scene was shot at our meeting room

One of our colleagues submerged his head into the sink at our pantry for the snorkeling effect... He got really wet! Anything to go to Queensland!

Our technicians at rooftop, pretending to surf on trolleys.

Our General Manager looking really funny at her desk! She wholeheartedly supported this initiative! 

There are a few criteria to win the competition. First, our video needs to be among the top 20 entries with the most number of “likes”, “shares” and “views”. Once we are among the top 20, we will move on to the second round of selection where we will need to send a representative to attend an incentive challenge event in Queensland Australia!

We are by far, the only organization in Singapore that has submitted a video entry! Yeah! We want to do Singapore proud!

Queensland, here we come!

Love, Tampines 1


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