Team Tampines 1 – Winner of AsiaMalls Food on Parade ‘Cooking Up a Storm’ Grand Final! Woohoo!

Yes, our husband and wife team from Tampines 1 won the AsiaMalls Food on Parade ‘Cooking Up a Storm’ Grand Final! They beat 5 other teams from our sister malls to emerge victorious!  They have won for themselves $2,000 worth of AsiaMalls shopping vouchers! They have done Tampines 1 proud! Way to go! 🙂   

This cooking competition was one of the key events that have got foodies and non-foodies alike excited! The winning teams from the preliminary rounds held at each of the six malls – Century Square, Hougang Mall, Liang Court, Tampines 1, Tiong Bahru Plaza and White Sands, pitted their culinary skills against one another in the Grand Final held at Liang Court.

Cook off Finals_25june (16)
Thumbs up to you both too! Husband and wife team – Cheng Zhong Hao and Tay Shang Tyng, our Grand Final winners!

Winning the competition was not an easy ride. The teams would need to impress the panel of judges, namely Miss Stephanie Ho, General Manager of AsiaMalls, Celebrity Chef Eric Teo and Chef Chang of Shin Yeh Restaurant.

Cook off Finals_25june (7)

For this Grand Final, the teams were challenged to use 3 mysterious ingredients in their dishes out of 6 mystery ingredients which were announced on the spot. Each of the ingredients are symbolic of one country. The ingredients were Sambal Prawn Chilli (representing Malaysia), X.O. Sauce (representing Hong Kong), Hsin Chu Rice Vermicelli (representing Taiwan), Rice Cake Slices (representing Korea), Miso Paste (representing Japan) and Tamarind Paste (representing Thailand). The difficulty is definitely upped a notch! The teams now have to cook two dishes in 1.5 hours with a S$50 budget,

In the preliminary round, all the teams had to use one common ingredient to create a dish in an hour, with a S$20 budget.

To proceed on to this Grand Final, these teams would have won the preliminary round of the cooking competition held at the individual malls where they have to use 1 mystery ingredient also announced on the spot in their dishes with a S$20 budget.

Cook off Finals_25june (19)

Whipping up a yummy dish!

Cook off Finals_25june (20)

The Grand Final attracted a large crowd as they look on to see what the teams were cooking.

The teams had to do their groceries shopping within 25 minutes. There were moments of anxiety when team 5 from Liang Court was nowhere in sight. If they did not keep to the allocated time of 25 minutes, they would have to pack their bags and leave the contest! Fortunately, the mother-in-law and son-in-law team rushed back on the dot. Phew!

There were some really creative and yummy dishes from the teams!

Cook off Finals_25june (1)

Team 1 from Hougang Mall turns up the heat with Mapo tofu, a spicy Szechuan dish.

Cook off Finals_25june (2)
Their second dish is a daring attempt of braised pork ribs with bitter gourd, with the ribs stuffed into the bitter fruit.
Cook off Finals_25june (3)
As artful plating is one of the judging criteria, Team 2 from Tiong Bahru Plaza decides to carve a pineapple bowl and fill it with spicy pork, boiled rice cakes and colourful garnish. The beautiful presentation appears to be inspired from Thai-style pineapple rice. In fact the long-time friends profess that they are fans of Thai cuisine and like to decorate their dishes in a similar way.

The winning team from Tampines 1 had choosen Sambal Chilli, XO Sauce and Miso Paste for their dishes of mushroom soup, aptly named Mushroomlicious, and a meat dish cooked 3-style (Miso Chicken, Sambal Chilli Pork wrapped with Cabbage, and XO Chicken) that they coined it “Fantastic Trail”.

Cook off Finals_25june (4) Cook off Finals_25june (5)

Although the judges weren’t thrilled with their really thick mushroom soup, Chef Eric was really impressed with the 2nd dish, especially the Miso Chicken! WOW!

Cook off Finals_25june (6)

Cook off Finals_25june (8)

While the judges were mixed with their opinions, Chef Eric felt that the teams had done a great job considering the intense competition and environment at the shopping mall. It is not an easy job whipping up two dishes within the time frame.

While the judges deliberated, the crowd was treated to a special Taiko Drums performance.

Cook off Finals_25june (10)

The thunderous music of Taiko (Japanese drums) displayed a medley of traditional and modern rhythms and moves, usually performed in an ensemble.

Cook off Finals_25june (11)

Congratulations to the Tampines 1 team! Yay!

Cook off Finals_25june (13)

It wasn’t easy for the team from Tampines 1 to get through to the Grand Final. Let us take a look at how they did during the preliminary round of the competition, which was Korean-themed.  

Copy of Tampines One 2 (16)

Check out this team of young handsome chaps, who were actually brothers, and in company with them, was their elder brother and sis-in-law over at another team. Such sibling rivalry! hehe!

Copy of Tampines One 2 (14)

After a quick explanation by the organisers and the revealing of the secret ingredient – Hot Pepper Paste, the contestants had a choice of shopping at Sol Mart or Cold Storage for their ingredients purchase.

And while waiting for them, Chef Nicky Kim introduced to the shoppers a popular street food, Ho Tteok, or Sweet Korean Pancake during her short cooking demonstration.

It was an interactive session where shoppers actually had hands-on session in mixing and kneading the dough.

Before long, the pancake was fried and ready! We love how the pancake has a nice cinnamon and caramel taste to it.

Shortly after, the contestants were back at the stage area before the stipulated time of 30 mins and proceeded swiftly to prepare their creations.

The team working hard to prepare their dish!

Cooking the traditional Korean Spicy Rice Cakes

 There were many really creative dishes like pasta inspired by Korean flavours and even “Bi Bim Ra” – an original interpretation of Bi Bim Bap, but using Korean Ramen noodles instead of rice. How brilliant!

Ta-dah! Proudly presenting their creation..

After presenting to the judges and the tallying of scores, the results were finally announced. It was just 1 mark separating the winning team and the other.

Our judges listening to the team's introduction of their dish.

Our winning team attributed their success to their little lucky charm - their new born baby!

Our very talented participants! You guys rock!

Food glorious food! GSS at Tampines 1 was so much fun and cheer with our Food on Parade promotions and activities! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did organising it for you!

Love, Tampines 1


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