How to choose a healthy pet rabbit and grooming tips!

We spotted this really adorable rabbit at Pets’ Station #05-02/03 and we can’t help but go in to check it out! 

Just look at him! Such a cutey bunny! We simply love his funky hairdo!

Yes, we can’t keep our hands off him! 🙂 He is so soft and cuddly to hold! We were told that he belongs to a breed called Mini Lion Head and he is 5 months old. Lion lion, let’s hear you rroooaarrr! We figured he doesn’t look a tad bit like a lion at all 🙂 He’s way too cute! Rabbits like him have a life span of about 7 to 8 years. 

Since we have the experts of pet care with us, we were curious to find out how we can choose a healthy pet and particularly, small animals like this Mini Lion Head rabbit.

We were really fortunate to have Mr Ronaldo, the friendly Pet Consultant, to share with us tips on how to choose a healthy pet.

Firstly, it is important that you read extensively to become familiar with your prospective pet’s personality traits and care needs. You can also ask the veterinarian for advice, which will definitely help to make sure you select a pet you can properly manage and care for throughout its entire life.

Other important points to check and look for when chosing a healthy small animal include:

1. The animal should be alert and responsive to human approach.

2. The appetite should be good, which means it eats and drinks regularly.

3. Breathing should be quiet and regular.

4. The coat should not be soiled by faeces and urine. No tangles, skin sores or parasites.

You can hold up the rabbit to check its body underneath.

5. Ears should be clean with no discharges and the animal should be alert to sounds.

Check for clean and healthy ears.

6. Eyes should be clear and bright with no discharges.

Clear and bright eyes! He was such a good rabbit .... very comfortable with human touch! He does not fidget much too.

7. Nose should have no discharge and should be pink.

8. Feet should be clean and dry with no broken skin or long nails.

Hold up its foot to check its feet.

Mr Ronaldo also mentioned that it is important to spend quality time with your pet so as to bond with it. Actions like stroking it help in the bonding process too.

Now that you know how to buy a healthy rabbit, it is also essential to groom your rabbit regularly. This is to prevent your rabbit from ingesting loose hair during the process of self-grooming. Rabbits are clean animals, like cats and they like to groom themselves. However, the difference is that rabbits cannot vomit like cats do. Hence, they get prone to hairball. Hairballs are collection of ingested hair and they may interfere with their digestion, leading to GI Statis – which is a condition where their intestines stop working.

Grooming also prevents the fur from being matted – an unhealthy condition that may lead to infection of the skin.

To groom your rabbit, you will need grooming tools such as:

(From left) Steel comb, rubber brush, fine tooth comb, dematting comb and nail clippers.

1. Firstly, lay your rabbit on the table.  

2. Begin by brushing at the neck and going down to the end of your rabbit. Be sure not to put too much pressure when brushing as rabbits have sensitive skin.

3. Next, we go on to trimming its nails. Do remember that a domestic rabbit’s life does not offer enough digging to keep its nails trimmed naturally. The nails should be trimmed using nail clippers at least once a month. Be careful not to cut the nails too near the ‘quick’. The ‘quick’ is the pink area where the blood supply is located. This will be easy to see especially if the nails are white. If your bunny has a dark nail, you may then need a small flashlight to get a clear view of the quick.  

It may be advisable to visit your veterinarian for your rabbit's first nail trimming so you can see how a professional do it.

It looks difficult but it actually is quite easy to do it.

4. Now we clean its ears.

Use a ear cleaner and drop a few drops into its ear.

Rub and massage the ear till you hear a squeaking sound. Gently insert a cotton bud into its ear to dry the ear. Ensure that you do not insert the cotton bud too deep into its ears.

And we are done! Your rabbit is now beautifully groomed and clean! Let’s give this very well-behaved rabbit a treat!

He was very happy to nibble on his dried hay! 🙂

We are actually really tempted to bring him home! But always remember that a pet is a lifetime commitment. Bring home a pet only if you think you are ready to take good care of it all its life and shower it with love and attention.

Spread the love! Do visit Pets’ Station for all your queries and pets’ needs!

Love, Tampines 1 


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