Desire for flat tummy & be ab-solutely fit?

We hate to go to the beach even though the weather is perfect for frocklicking in the sun.  Just looking at those bikini babes and topless hunks can make us feel like sucking in our stomach to hide our wobbly flab.  Don’t talk to us about having a 6-pack abs – we can’t even remember if we have ever own a flat tummy!

Our hopes revived when we met Edison Ho, a gym instructor at Amore Living in Tampines 1.  We were impressed with his trim and fit body.  He shared with us that his fitness regime includes working out 4 times a week at the gym and jogging at least once a week.

Edison shared with us some tips on how to get a flat tummy and washboard abs  with the Turkish Get-Up – a highly functional workout that gets all our body’s muscles moving and is especially good for the core muscles and improving your balance. It is all about the mechanically correct method of standing up from a lying position while supporting a locked weight overhead. The best thing is you can do this workout at home as it doesn’t involve any special equipment or weights. 
Here are the STEPS:

1. Lying on the floor, safely move the implement upright into a locked position with your right hand. Your shoulder should be tight in its socket, with your leg bent and your left foot beside your right knee.

2. Pushing off your left foot, roll up your abs and hips and move into a sitting position.

3. Push up your hips, while keeping your right hand up at all times with your left hand on the ground to support your body.

4. Support your body using your right hand and both feet. Then bring yourself off the ground while keeping the implement locked overhead in your right hand.

 *Repeat these step for one minute, and complete three sets. Once you are standing up, bring yourself down slowly with your elbow still locked in position.

We may sound cliche, but there is really no gain without pain.  So we are going to try this out and check out that perfect bikini at the store later. 🙂


Tampines 1



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