Great tasting bites from Taiwan… and no, you don’t have to travel there!

Have you been to Taiwan? I haven’t but I heard it is a food haven. I know I’m missing out on much yummy delights! Before I get to go Taiwan, boy am I glad that Xiao Bar Wang is in our mall! Bringing Taiwanese street food to us here in Singapore for our enjoyment! Yums!

I decided to try out their latest items on the menu.

Speciality Cold Noodles, $3.10

My first impression was that it reminded me of Japanese soba but I was told that it was a hot favourite in Taiwan! This cold dish came with a range of speciality sauces to satisfy your palate. The first grey sauce on the left is made mainly with century egg. It tasted savoury with a tinge of bitterness. If you like your noodles spicy (this is Singapore after all…most of us take chilli) add a little chilli oil. The black sauce on the right is yuzu soya sauce, which added a salty taste to it.   

The noodles looked like regular yellow noodles and topped with shredded eggs, chicken, carrot and cucumber. Mixing the sauces together with the noodles, I really like the chilled, tangy creamy taste to the dish. What made this dish special is really the sauce.

Definitely a refreshing and affordable treat for a lunch meal. Best of all, it makes an easy and convenient meal for busy executives. It can be packed and brought back to the office to be eaten anytime since it is meant to be eaten cold.

Mushroom Pork Porridge, $3.10

For a warm meal, the mushroom pork porridge will do the trick. It was smooth and tasty. However, I felt there was a familiar taste to the porridge and after taking a few more mouthfuls, I realise that it was the same taste of their famous mee suah. I was then told that the porridge was also cooked in the same stock made from pork and pork bones. Totally savoury! I heard it is a popular Taiwanese breakfast meal.         

Mega Crispy Chicken, $4.80

Firstly, this is Mega alright….because it was two large pieces of chicken! The chicken was deep fried to a crisp and it was fragrant. A little spicy, it was also crispy, salty and tasty. The chicken breast used was also moist and tender. It was really delicious though I do notice that the crust and meat were a little detached. 

Last but not least, this Pork Burger was yummy!

Pork Burger, $2.80

Sandwiched between two fluffy buns were egg, tomato and pork marinated in barbeque sauce. I really like how the sauce oozes out of the burger when you bite into the meat. Pork burgers are also not very common in Singapore so it was a nice treat!

Great must-trys from Xiao Bar Wang and most of all, great tasting Taiwanese quick bites, without having to go to Taiwan!
Love, Tampines 1 

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