Be rewarded for being kind this festive season!

Have you been good?

This season, we are rewarding shoppers who act in kindness.

Secret ambassadors are on the prowl to spot GOOD shoppers and to reward them with surprise gifts.  

Our kindness ambassadors - the Tonttu family and Singa the Singapore Kindness Movement mascot!

The Tonttu family went around the mall to spot good shoppers. Good shoppers get the GREEN whistle while naughty shoppers received the RED whistle .

“This is a nice gesture. I am surprised to be rewarded with a voucher for just saying “Thank you”. It is a great reminder that we should always be gracious and give thanks”. Shopper Ms Alice Bhua, 36, with her family members.

Mr & Mrs Rayo from Philippines and their 6-year old son Rafa. They felt that Singa was a good way to reach out to the children and educate them on the importance of being kind.

Our mall is also filled with messages to encourage basic courtesy.

Messages in our toilets

Mirror stickers

Messages in our lift: "Nice of you to press the lift buttons for others but don't get naughty and press all buttons!"

Check out the messages along our common walkway

So be in your best behaviour and you might be the next one to be rewarded!

Love, Tampines 1


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