Chinese New Year goodies fair

This is the time where we take a break from our diet and exercise regime. It is also the time to feast on our favourite Chinese New Year goodies! Did you check out our Chinese New Year goodies atrium fair? We scout around and spotted some interesting finds.

What is Chinese New Year without pineapple tarts? Take your pick from tarts or cookies! Both filled with rich and delicious pineapple goodness! 1 tin for $18.80.


If you have a sweet tooth, this is just perfect for you. Rock candy to satisfy your craving!

We were told that the two more popular flavours were Yuzu, which is a refreshing and unique citrus flavour from Japan and Muscat (white grape), a pleasant taste which will bring you to the vineyards of France.

Tempted? Go on and try it! 😀 

So many varieties of goodies to choose from. Our absolute favourite is the durian tarts! If you are a coffee lover, do try the mocha almond cookies too!

Almond flakes cookies – $21.50; Almond sugee cookies – $21.50; Pineapple tarts – $$22; Mocha almond cookies – $21.50; D24 Durian tarts – $23.80…affordable and yummy!

Something different! Blueberry cookies!

Kueh lapis....the rich layered cake we eat during Chinese New Year.

When you chomp on the slice of kueh lapis, do you know that the kueh lapis symbolises an ever upward path in life? The many layers of the cake symbolises a progress in wealth, happiness and  career. This is so appropriate for Chinese New Year! 

These goodies come in such a pretty box! A great gift to impress your in-laws!

New clothes for the new year? Get dressed in Chinese-styled togs for the festivities!

Your little tots are not left out! Pretty Chinese-styled clothes for them too! From $23.90 to $25.90.

Tampines 1 is going Peranakan this Chinese New Year! Wanna look like Little Nonya? Take your pick of pretty sarong kebayas and floral printed blouses!


Spruce up your house with Chinese New Year decor, cushions and more!

Our atrium fair is now on till this Saturday. Hurry down to check out these good deals! We can’t wait for Chinese New Year to come, can you? 🙂
Love, Tampines 1  

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