New year, new clothes!

Another reason why we love Chinese New Year is because we get to shop for new clothes! A legitimate reason to shop! Well, out with the old and welcome the new! It’s time to clear out the old wardrobe and fill it with new togs! Woo hoo!

Of course, the older folks prefer us to wear red, which symbolises prosperity and good fortune. Let’s see what pretty red items we found in the mall. 

A pretty red dress from BYSI #01-52 to 54. We love how the frills at the side give the dress a soft and feminine feel. It is priced at $89.

This stylish red jacket will go very well with a pair of fitted khaki pants. Also available at BYSI at $63.
Spotted this pair of dangling feather earrings at Diva #01-32, $17. Definitely a pretty accessory to go with your outfit. 

We are getting excited over the many red items we found. Another lovely dress at Dorothy Perkins #01-33, $109. Accessorise the dress with a brooch.

If you are not a fan of red, how about this pink lacy dress from New Look, #02-26, $99.90? You'll look as sweet as an angel.

We especially love the soft and comfortable fabric of this sash top. Available at Mulana, #01-49, $42.90.

Oooh la la...we still feel that a Chinese-styled dress is very appropriate for Chinese New Year. We heart the mandarin ribbon and the floral prints. Also at Mulana at $85.90.

Check out the cute heart-shaped heel! Double LIKE! Definitely a must get for us. At Mitju, #02-34/35 at $34.90.

Such a sweet-looking bag to go with your outfit. The big pearls make the bag look classy too. Also at Mitju, $54.90.
We did not forget about the boyfriends and husbands! This red striped polo tee caught out attention! We love the unique collar. Available at Recoil, #02-03, $32.90.

The classic checked shirt will not go wrong. Available at Natural Project, #02-17, $79.

Red shoes anyone? Looks so cool! At Messy for $55.90.

How about pairing a stylish orange shirt with a pair of fitted jeans? Available at Messy, #02-23, $45.90.

Men do wear pink! Check out the small tie details. Available at Man Master, #03-27, $55.90.
We know this is not related to fashion but being the ‘”pang tang” ie superstitious Chinese, we can’t help but took a peep at the horoscope books to read on our fortune in the year of the dragon. 😀
Have a great time shopping!
Love, Tampines 1

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