Say It With Luurrvvveee! ❤

Yes, T.G.I.V (Thank God, it’s Valentine’s)! Today is officially THE DAY to speak the language of love. And we have some interesting and refreshing ways to deliver your love message.

❤ Speak The Na’vi Language 

Make her swoon using the Na’vi language…’nga yawne lu oer‘ (I Love You).

❤ A Touch Of Love In Braille 

Create a braille love note using the alphabet guide below and let him/her feel the love.

They say, love is blind (Source: Wikipedia)

❤ Saying ‘I Love You’ in binary 

01001001001000000100110001101111011101100110010100100000010110010110111101110101 means ‘I Love You’.

And yes, you can tweet (80 characters only) that!

Send your love in a binary (Source:

❤ Barcoding Your Love 

Send a barcode of your love over email.

Boldly show your stripes

❤ The QR Love Code 

Discovering love in a QR Code can be fun! It allows you to include a longer message. Use an online QR code generator to encode your love message, then post it onto your loved one’s Facebook wall.

Love in a QR code

❤ A Cup Full Of Love 

Reveal your love through this color changing mug, $19.90* (U.P. $29.90) from CEF Ideas (#04-12).

Make a heartwarming cup of coffee for your beloved in the morning and watch the magic unfold! So, we guess…the coffee needs no sugar.

Heartwarming Love

With these creative methods, your valentine’s day just got more interesting 😉

Love, Tampines 1


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