Kids! Sport a new hair cut at The D’s Kiddy Salon (#04-01)!

As you go up the escalator from Level 3, you will be greeted with a bright and cheerful store front 😀

It is The D’s Kiddy Salon (#04-01), a hair salon for children (up to 15 years old), newly opened on 1st March 2012!

We ♥ how this salon sets up a fun and cheery mood with its decor!

We were attracted by the striking colours and we decided to explore the salon further. We are impressed that there was a kids’ corner specially designated for little ones to play so that they feel comfortable with the environment before having their haircut. And the corner was thoughtfully furnished. 🙂

Kids' Corner specially designed for little ones to play in.

Nicely furnished with toys and books!

There is also a screen at every counter so children can enjoy their favorite character show while having haircuts.

The salon is offering parents a deal too good to be true – 50% OFF each haircut (U.P. $20) until 15 March 2012! Excited already? The salon is also launching their loyalty card promotion, starting this Saturday 10 March.

The D's Kiddy Salon Loyalty Card - For every 5 hair cuts, customers will be entitled to one FREE hair cut. It is transferable and there is no time limit.

So if your child is needing a hair trim, come on down to Tampines 1 soon!

Love, Tampines 1


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