Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert (#B1-K12) Offers New Tastes!

We were at Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert (#B1-K12) to check out their lunch set deals, but we discovered something even more tempting……they were having a Snack Preview promotion at 50% off for three of their newly launched creations!

Snack Preview at 50% Off! Yums!

Their promotion offers shoppers a chance to try out new items at a special preview price before deciding which crowd-pleasing items get to be featured in their menu. We love the fact that their menu consists of only ‘by popular demand’ items! Your feedback counts!

Spring Trio at $1.80 (U.P. $3.60)

We started off with the spring trio as it instantly captured our attention with its strong aroma and they were unusually loooong as compared to a typical fried spring roll.

Love how the moist fillings were wrapped with extremely crispy skin. We felt that it could be even better if it were less oily. The ingredients were so succulent, it is best to finish this while it is still warm!

Lotus Paste with Walnut at $1.65 (U.P. $3.30)

We have heard of sesame, peanut, red bean and almond paste…but lotus paste? Isn’t that found in moon cakes only? We were smitten with fragrant golden brown bits in the paste, and later discovered that those were yummy fried walnuts!

Although the lotus paste is not as thick as what you’d expect in a regular liquid paste dessert, its unique taste and texture makes it worthy to try. It suits you best if you have preferences for desserts that are not too sweet or heavy.

Mango Pomelo Herbal Jelly at $2.65 (U.P. $3.50)

The mango pomelo looked promising with its fusion of colours! At the first spoonful, we tasted a blend of sweet, bitter (the herbal jelly, if you are wondering) and sour flavours which excited our taste buds. Occasionally, we experienced a tingly minty sensation created by the clever use of mint leaves.

We were also impressed by the generous servings of mango and strawberry chunks. Very satisfied with the fruity aftertaste!

This Snack Preview promotion (at 50% off) will last until 30th April 2012, share about this with your friends too 🙂

Love, Tampines 1


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert (#B1-K12) Offers New Tastes!

  1. Did the staff at the store know that you are staff of Tampines 1 or did they know that you are writing a review? ’cause I had ordered the Mango Pomelo Herbal Jelly for more than 10 times, and there were only 2 or 3 pieces of mango and strawberry chunks! Hope your review is honest.

    • Hi Jacey,

      We are sorry to hear about your experience at the store. We have informed Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert about your feedback and they will respond to you accordingly.

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