Chocolates will help you slim down, really?!

The words ‘chocolate’ and ‘slimming’ never looked so convincing together in a sentence until last month when a new study revealed that frequent chocolate consumption may have slimming effects! More feeds on this juicy news here, here and here…..enough said! We are already hitching plans to wipe out those racks in Yamakawa Super (#B1-08)!

Love those uniformed rows of chocolate & candy at Yamakawa Super!

New on the racks was the dark cookie chocolate Kit Kat.

Kit Kat Mini オトナの甘さ at $3.00 per box

Its dark chocolate coating is less sweet as compared with the other versions of Kit Kat. Its name, オトナの甘さ (Otona no Amasa), literally means “sweetness of adult”, referring  to a sweetness intensity suitable for adults.

It comes in three individually packaged pieces in a box

In between the wafers, you will find dark chocolate cookie bits which contributed to the crunchy texture. We were glad it also came in a mini version as it made it an easy snack target for those who carve for a little something to nibble on.

The mini version - a little shorter than the original two-finger Kit Kats

More of bite-sized treats – if you always loved the whiff of almond/nutty smell, you can try these little Morinaga twigs which contained milk, soybean, wheat and treenut.

小枝<ミルク> Morinaga Koeda Milk at $3.90 per box

Four little twigs in each pack

Koeda refers to 'Twigs' in Japanese

However, this Morinaga selection paled in comparison with the Glico’s pretzel sticks coated in milk chocolate frosting and shaved bits of almond.

Glico Almond Crush Pocky at $3.80 per box

A Pocky’s lover must not miss this snack!  Just look at how big those crushed almond bits are – they’ll make you go absolutely nutty! The milk chocolate texture is so smooth, you will probably not be able to stop at just one…so, be prepared for a Pocky frenzy 😀

Glico Tsubu Tsubu Ichigo Pocky at $3.80 per box

If nuts aren’t exactly your kind of indulgence, here are some flavourful strawberry chocolate sticks to tease your taste buds. We grabbed this box of Tsubu Tsubu Pocky because it looked equally inviting and truly, it smelled as sweet as it looked!

Cute packaging

Coated in flecks of strawberry flesh

The pink bits made its strawberry flavour sharper than the regular pink Pocky sticks, however, the biscuit stick is less thick and loses charm after a few nibbles. Very quickly, we moved on to the next box of chocolates…..

Morinaga Carre de Chocolate (French Milk & Cacao 70) at $8.50 per box

A battle between dark and milk chocolate

The posh packaging made these chocolate squares perfect as gifts to impress. For dark chocolate lovers, you will fall head over heels for Cacao 70! We swooned over its smooth texture and intense bitter taste.

In a flash, there were only 4 pieces left in the box.

Though the French Milk chocolate left long-lasting milky sweet notes, Cacao 70 prevailed as a winner.

Saving the best for the last, we dived into a variety of flavoured chocolates!

Fancy some premium quality chocolate? This box of assorted gourmet chocolates is sure to spoil you for weeks.

Mary's Fancy Chocolate at $23.00 per box

We loved the luxury of having a choice 🙂

A treat that is a perfect accompaniment for your hot cup of coffee

Being able to visually feast on the beautifully decorated selections while enjoying the delicate aroma of the chocolates is awesome.

The downside was that the name and description of the individual chocolates were entirely in Japanese language, so we had to go by sight! We were delightfully surprised by some of the fillings – there were a few pieces of delicate cocoa notes that were well-blended with fruity flavours.

A surprise in every bite - zesty orange jelly found in this little one!

Freeze-dried strawberry coated in chocolate - fruity and citricy, just like a strawberry yogurt

We were very pleased that the chocolates were not-too-sweet and we remained guilt-free even after grabbing our 3rd piece 😀

Highly recommend this box of exquisite chocolates for those who need pampering from time to time and that reminds us – in the upcoming month of May, it would be a lovely gift for the Mother’s Day occasion! Our mothers deserve only the finest, don’t you agree?

Love, Tampines 1


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