Flawless High Definition Makeup

Here’s a good read for the ladies! Ever heard of airbrush makeup? We did a video feature on Clariancy (#B1-21) recently and learnt a whole lot of tricks to achieve a flawless look!

The Dinair Personal-PRO Makeup System comes with a set of colours

Applying makeup has never been so easy! First, fill the airbrush gun with the colour of your choice.

Then, start applying by using the airbrush gun in a sweeping motion. You could even use a stencil to achieve a better outline!

Our favourite was this eyebrow stencil which helps achieve well-defined brows in a matter of seconds!

Airbrush makeup gives you a sharper look- what we called ‘High Definition’ makeup.

The airbrush system is so easy to maintain: After applying the 1st colour, wash it with the Dinair cleaning solution & proceed to the next colour!

You could even use it to do a spray-on body art!

Or change your hair colour just for a party at night!

Hail to cosmetic breakthroughs! You will fall in love with this unbelievably easy way of achieving flawless makeup 🙂

Watch this video to see all these in action:

Clariancy provides airbrush makeup services too! For more information, please contact their outlet at 6782 1181.

Love, Tampines 1


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