Less Sugar, More Flavour at Cupcakes With Love (#03-22)


This cupcake boutique (newly opened on Level 3!) had such a sassy shop front design that you simply couldn’t resist taking a step closer to check out that closet of cupcakes!

Cupcakes With Love (#03-22)

Love this ‘glass gallery’


If you prefer less frosting, these cupcakes are made for you! Unlike most cupcakes with icing or fondant toppings, Cupcakes With Love gives you less sugar and more flavour.

Matcha Marvel Flavour

Some of their popular flavours include (from top left) Blueberry Summer, Red Velvet, Chocolate Storm and Strawberry Surprise.

Colourful & flavourful!

Packed into a lovely polka dot box

They have boxes for one, 4 or 6 cupcakes


Each cupcake is at $3.50, half a dozen at $18 & a dozen at $36. Other than the 9 different flavours on the racks, they have special flavours for the week/month.

Dewy Durian & Chunky Cheese will be available until the end of June

Customization is also available, visit the shop or call 6789 6966 for more enquiries

For dessert lovers, you will be awww-ed by their fancy dessert stands & tea sets

There is no better month for durians than this durian season – so hurry to grab their Dewy Durian cupcakes before it is sold out!

Love, Tampines 1


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