Bold Is Beautiful at TianPo Jewellery

2012 is the year of the Dragon where the Chinese believes it to be an auspicious year to get married and produce “Dragon Babies”!

Hop on to the bandwagon of being blessed by the auspicious zodiac before the Dragon year ends!

TianPo Jewellery (#01-49/50)

TianPo Jewellery showcases collections of exquisite jewellery suited for all occasions!


The Si Dian Jin 四点金 (consisting of a necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring/pendant) is presented by a Teochew mother-in-law to show her love for the future daughter-in-law.

Traditional Double Happiness Si Dian Jin 四点金

Pretty bride-to-be in Si Dian Jin

Modern brides prefer to have diamond pieces 四点钻, over the traditional gold jewelleries as they are more wearable and suitable for classic daily wear.

We have to admit, ladies at the filming scene were paying more attention to these beautiful diamond pieces from the Hearts On Fire collection than the previous Si Dian Jin!

Modern 四点钻

Moreover, Hearts On Fire is recognised as The World’s Most Perfect Cut Diamond! This premium cut took four times longer than it takes a machine to cut a traditional diamond. Each diamond is also permanently inscribed with a logo and unique serial number to provide additional security and globally recognized value.

The following Diamond Characteristics Chart will provide you with more insights of the 4Cs of diamonds.

Diamond Characteristics Chart

Instead of the Si Dian Jin, Cantonese places emphasis on Dragon & Phoenix bangles which brings good luck to the newly weds.

Dragon & Phoenix Bangle


Did we mention that dragon babies are blessed with luck, strength and power?

With an increase of couples having babies this year, you might want to know what gifts to get for baby showers.

Locket, Anklet and Pendant for Baby Showers

Gold is usually given by the elders to express their love and well wishes for the lovely new-born.


Have you ever wondered what else to surprise your parents or grandparents with other than the cake with the longevity peach?

At TianPo, jewellery and ornaments with inscriptions of the word 寿 (longevity) are available for you to wish your elders a healthy and prosperous year.

Golden Peaches 寿桃

We heard that gold prices are dropping and it might be the best time to shop for gold!

With more reasons for you to purchase gold for the different occasions as mentioned above, what are you waiting for?

Love, Tampines 1


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