Be Sweet and Fashionable at Dip Drops


We are happy to announce the opening of the first Dip Drops store (#01-22/24) in the suburbs!

Dip Drops is a Japanese casual fashion brand which epitomizes the best of feminine looks with essential basic items. It is remixed for a layered modern style, with a hint of sweet and trendy elements. A casual brand for the Attractive Girl with an unconventional fashion sense.

“Dip” carries the meaning of “trendy”, which means fashionable sense, and “Drops” carries the meaning of “basic”, a kind of feminine & simple idea.

Kawaii and mesmerizing Dip Drops at #01-22/24

Kawaii and mesmerizing Dip Drops at #01-22/24

We have been anticipating its arrival since forever and it has finally opened last Thursday!

Kawaii mannequin dressed in Dip Drops latest collection!

Just in time for us to enjoy their Summer’s collection!

We love how their lightings and decor is so warmth and welcoming


Wondering what to wear this summer? We have Dip Drops to share their tips on Mix & Match in Dip Drops style!

For this season, the key concepts are “Preppy Coquette” and “Natural Elegance”. In order to express these ideas in styles of cute, elegant and retro mood, Dip Drops have brought in french stripes, couquettish fruits pattern, vintage marguerite pattern, polka dot, flower pattern, lace, chiffon, silk cotton, linen and embroidery!

Let’s take a look at some outfits that Dip Drops has put together for this Summer!

My favourite sweet and dainty style in Pink

Inject a hint of sexiness with the season's favourite shade of mint!

Inject a hint of sexiness with the season’s favourite shade of Mint

A feminine and girlie take on style with the classic Monochrome

Be fashionable even in these casual pastel tunics


Only Tampines 1 store is offering this promotion – Spend $300 in a single receipt to be a Dip Drops VIP! (U.P. $400)

Get your Dip Drops VIP card today to enjoy exclusive privileges! Promotion ends on 24th June!
Visit Dip Drops at Tampines 1 to stock up on your Summer wardrobe today!

Love, Tampines 1


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