Delicious Puffs at Puff Girl!

Have you visited Puff Girl (#B1-K5) yet?

Puff Girl is a shop selling Japanese dessert puffs with a variety of flavours, ranging from fresh fruits to fresh milk.

Friendly Team at Puff Girl

Everything about Puff Girl is so kawaii and delicious-looking!

Puff Girl Name Cards and Brochure

We  invited Richard of Puff Girl to show us how the Puff Daddy (the biggest puff in the family) is made!

Richard, Pâtissier (pastry chef) of Puff Girl

Steps to make the Puff Daddy (by the way, we really loved how the puff is named Puff Daddy, like the pop singer :p) …

Main Ingredients: Eggs, Flour, Oil, Water and lots of Love

Warm up the oil and mix in the flour

Next, add the eggs into the mixture and place into the big mixer.

Getting the mixture ready for the baking pan

Squeezing the mixture in delicate swirls on the baking pan

Crispy crust is added on top of the puff for the delicious crispy crunch

The crispy crust is unique to Japanese puffs as the traditional French puffs does not have any toppings on their puffs.

After 45 mins of baking, TAADAH! the crispy puff is ready! We can smell the fragrant aroma!

The puffs are cut into half for the filling

The fresh fruits puff is filled with fresh milk cream, sponge cake, flavoured cream and fruits

After much effort and love from Richard, the puffs are finally nicely done!

From top left: Yam, Peach, Kiwi, Sesame, Green Tea, Strawberry, Mango and Chocolate flavoured Puff Daddies

We couldn’t help but admire Richard’s dedication to his career, especially the long hours and tolerance to the heat in the kitchen.

We had a quick chat with him!

T1: Why did you choose to be a Pâtissier?

Richard: I chose to be a Pâtissier because I have always loved the art of western desserts.

T1: What are the challenges you faced as a Pâtissier?

Richard: The constant need to innovate new flavours and exceeding customers’ expectations.

T1: What do you think makes a good Pâtissier?

Richard: I stand by my principles, which is to put myself in customers’ shoes and only deliver high quality products.  For every puff that I produce, I’ll make sure that it is the best customers deserve.

In short, always feel what the customers feel.

T1: Is is tiring to be a Pâtissier?

Richard: I am used to working long hours in the kitchen, so it is not tiring for me. To be able to share happiness with my customers through the love of my creations, make all the hard work worthwhile. *He smiles 🙂 *

After the quick chat, we went on the explore the other puff varieties of Puff Girl!

The wide range of dessert puffs Puff Girl carries!

Notice the empty green at the bottom shelf?

It is usually filled with the famous Hokkaido Cake (filled with fresh milk cream) !

Kawaii Hokkaido Cakes

Puff Girl provides pretty gift boxes for your purchases and customize Full Month Gift Sets too!

Puff Girl customized gift box



Visit Puff Girl from 30 June to 15 July 2012, and assist them in their customer feedback survey and receive a box of yummies, consisting of “one hokkaido cake, two D24 durian puff and one fresh milk puff baby” free!

Massive love their friendliness and generosity!

Love, Tampines 1


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