Smiggle Adds Colours To Your Life!

Good news!

For all who are in school and those who love colours, Smiggle (#01-19/21) is here at Tampines 1!

The very colourful Smiggle Shopfront

Look how attractive the shop is!

We can’t resist going shopping and spotted many stationeries that will make your homework and projects more interesting.

Here’s our favourites!

Grab their 50% offer on these selected items when you spend $20!

Who says calculator must be in boring colours?

Smiggle had their calculator disguised as a keyboard number pad in bright colours!

Keyboard Calculator ($14.95)

I love big stationery pouch for school!

This zippy pouch can carry all your highlighters, coloured pens, correction tape and stapler for you!

Zippy Pouch ($12.95)

Have you ever wish that there is a HUGE eraser for you to erase all your mistakes?

Smiggle grants your wish! PRING!

Huge Mistakes Eraser ($5.95)

Hold all your memos in this cute donut memo block!

Donut Memo Block ($9.95)

Did I say colours?

Smiggle’s highlighters and pens come in all colours!

Rainbow Pens & Highlighters ($9.95 to $24.95)

Wonder whether the pens are smooth gliding? The thoughtful people at Smiggle has arranged this area for shoppers to test the pens. We like!

Pen Testing Area

More colours!

Colourful Lifestyle Products!

If you are not schooling anymore, Smiggle have many lifestyle products for you too!

This is a computer mouse, shaped like a mouse.

Mouse Mouse ($19.95)

Love music like us?

Indulge in your music during your journey to school and work!

Smiggle Headphones ($29.95)

Or if you are out  for a picnic with your friends, share your favourite songs with them!

Eye Eye Speaker Case ($24.95)

Or you are a narcissist like me and prefer listening to your own voice?

This talking clock is your perfect choice! Record your voice, or better, your mum’s voice to use it as your alarm!

Smiggle Talking Clock ($24.95)

Last but not least, our favourite of all!

There isn’t a best time for you to start saving for the rainy day. So start now with this adorable Safe!

Moneybox Safe ($19.95)

No matter whether you are schooling, working or simply love colours, Smiggle has something for everyone!

Come on down to Smiggle today! 

Love, Tampines 1


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