What you can buy with $10 at Daiso

Hey guys!

I’m sure you heard about the opening of Daiso at Tampines 1! Have you managed to shop at the crowded store yet?

Daiso (#03-17/18)

If you have not, here’s a sneak preview of what they have in store for you!

They have something for everyone!

For the Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars fans!

For the food lovers! Shelves of tibits!

For the adorable school girls! Kawaii stationery!

For the household experts!

For the gardening gurus!

Last but not least ….

For the men!

There’s so many goodies at Daiso that we can’t possibly cover all of them in this entry!

Wide variety of products for everyone!

Our colleagues at Tampines 1 decided to have a challenge!

We wanted to see what each of us will buy with $10, depending on our lifestyle, interest and needs!

Let’s take a look!

A snack lover’s loot!

A young office lady’s picks: Dental floss picks, makeup sponge detergent, Hello Kitty bottle, blusher and lanyard

For the healthy & beautiful: Back support, gift bag, cotton buds, paper lantern and feet mask

If you are focused on your kids’ safety: Cupboard safety lock, safety corner covers, teaspoons and soft door stopper

A housewife’s needs: Floor wipes, floor wiper and  hair brush

For the baking enthusiast: cake box, spatula, hair band, cream tubing and lanyard

That’s what we have bought with our $10! A variety of good buys!

Visit Daiso now, and let us know what you have bought!

Love, Tampines 1


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