Friday Shopping Parties @ Tampines 1!

It’s another fun-filled shopping parties at Tampines 1 last Friday!

Our DJ All Set And Ready To Get The Party Started!

Eye-candies for the day!

Professional Butlers Ready To Serve

Food and Drinks must be one of the highlights shopper look forward to other than the whooping 20% storewide discount!

Assorted Drinks

Our Favourite Smoked Duck Breast with Mandarin Orange and Red Onion Relish

Smoked Salmon with Dill Creme Mini Brioche

Mini Wagyu Beef Burger with Swiss Cheese and Cherry Tomato

Szechuan Chicken with Quail Egg & Pickled Mushroom

Dessert: Mini Apple Crumble

Please wipe your keyboard if you were drooling at the food photos! Let’s move on to shopping!

If you are looking for quirky and fun ideas for your home decor, Sqft has them all in-store for you!

Sqft (#03-08)

Looking for more creative ways to hang your Polaroid?

Don't you wish to bring all of these pretty things home?

Don’t you wish to bring all these pretty things home?

They surely do!

Excited shoppers planning their shopping list at Sqft!

Shopping making their purchases at 20% off!

Do you recall the last time MUJI having a 20% storewide discount?

No? Because it is only exclusive at Tampines 1!

MUJI (#03-07)

MUJI (#03-07)

There was a huge crowd at MUJI because everyone is amazed by the additional things they can buy with the discounts!

Look at the Crowd!

Shower Necessities, Bags, Apparel, Stationeries.. You name it, MUJI has it!

Long queue spotted at MUJI cashier!

For the Bookworms, we have not forgotten you!

We present to you…. discounts at Times Learning +!

Times Learning + (#03-06)

A great hangout place for families!

Happy Young Couple Spotted!

There bound to be something for everyone!

Buy buy buy!

Payments between 7-9pm entitles shoppers a 20% discount!

It’s Polaroid time for the shoppers and the wizards!

These ladies are ready for Halloween!

TGIF for the students!

Adorable Kids!

We love the close bonds between the Mum and little boy!

We love how our Fridays were spent with the happy shoppers and wizards! Thank you everyone for gracing the events and we look forward to your participation in our Fave Monster Photo Booth too!

See ya there!

Love, Tampines 1


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