Christmas Party Wear for Him

Hey guys!

Have you received your invitation to the Christmas Party yet?

Let’s Get Ready for The Party!

Fret not, this entry will guide you on how to dress stylishly from head to toe!

Guys, if you are not used to wearing contact lenses, check out this cool coloured frame from Paris Miki #B1-31!

Acupuncture Frames at $188

If you are attending a formal party at the hotel ballroom or your boss’ house, you may want to dress smart to leave an impression! You never know who you gonna meet!

Camel One Button Blazer $189 (G2000 #02-12)

Red Checker Shirt $79 (Topman #01-25)

Leathered Shoes $169.90 (Esprit #01-16)

For a casual poolside party or a staycation party, you may want to dress comfortably for the crazy games!

Cool Grey Straw Hat $39 (Springfield #01-03)

Striped Tee $39 (Springfield #01-03)

Slim Fit Bermudas $46.90,  Suspenders $14.90 (Messy #02-23)

Boat Shoes $69.90 (Messy #02-23)

Above all, it is important to smell good! A head-turning scent never fails to make you more charismatic!

Calvin Klein Eternity Men EDT 100ml $43.90 (Beauty Language #01-38)

You have more than a month to prepare your best Christmas outfit. Stop procrastinating and start shopping today!

Love, Tampines 1


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