Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge – Porcelain Doll

In conjunction with Tampines 1’s Fashion & Beauty Promotion, we have invited 6 beauty bloggers to create dolly make-up tutorials with a different theme each week!  The contest is strongly supported by beauty brands in Tampines 1, namely Etude House, Sasa and Skinfood. Beauty experts from these brands also make up our judging panel.

The judging criteria include Originality of the make-up (30%) , Creativity (30%) , Blogging contents (15%) and Public Voting! 25% of the bloggers’ weekly results will depend on the voting at Tampines 1 Instagram account. So follow us @tampines1 on Instagram today to get the latest update on the challenge!

Bloggers will walk away with attractive prizes in the challenge:

1st Prize: $1,000 AsiaMalls Vouchers
2nd Prize: $700 AsiaMalls Vouchers
3rd Prize: $500 AsiaMalls Vouchers
Consolation Prizes x 3: $200 AsiaMalls Vouchers each

For the first challenge, the bloggers were given Porcelain Doll as their make-up theme. All the make-up used in this challenge can be found at Etude House, Tampines 1.

photo credit to

Let’s take a look at the beautiful looks the bloggers have put together!

Read her make-up tutorial here

Make-up description: I was inspired by the exquisite likes of Marie Antoinette and the strikingly attractive Etude House brand ambassadors like Shinee’s members, Sandara Park from 2NE1 and Krystal and Sulli from f(x) whom I harbour a deep admiration for.

The Ulzzang culture is another influence which I drew from as I’m captivated by their flawless appearances. Their huge doe eyes and luminous complexions are oh-so-charming, thus I wish to emulate their innocent appeal and allure in my Porcelain Doll makeup tutorial.

Judges Say: Her makeup was slightly different from the rest especially with her dotted line cheek, other than that, this make-up look does not exercise creativity as it is commonly seen. Blog post was over cluttered with information. Fonts and colours used in the self-created visuals were also not easy to read.

Total Score (Originality+Creativity+Contents+Voting): 21 + 21 + 10+ 25 = 77

Read her make-up tutorial here

Make-up description: My inspiration for this tutorial is the pretty porcelain looking Ulzzangs and Korean style innocent make up mixed with the super pretty dolls by Volks, which is a japanese brand of doll manufacturer that makes perfect looking dolls.

The most important part of this look is creating a beautiful porcelain skin base so we will be spending a bit more time on the skin. This is complimented by big lenses, elegant lash lines, rosy cheeks and rose bud lips.

Judges Say: I like how her eye make-up was drawn. Her eyes are quite separate that’s why it makes her look like those of porcelain dolls. However, her droopy eyes make her look very sad. A slightly darker tone of lip gloss should be used. Simple and clear step by step explanation provides effortless reading.

Total Score (Originality+Creativity+Contents+Voting): 24 + 21 + 11+ 20 = 75

Kelly Konomi
Read her make-up tutorial here

photoo (2)

Make-up description: I got my inspiration from those pure looking ball jointed dolls like DOLLFIES. I love their big and round eyes, porcelain like smooth skin and perky red lips. They look really innocent and pure with those angel like features.

Therefore, I’m inspired to create their makeup look! This make-up look focuses on the porcelain skin, big doe-eyes and of course those juicy red lips!

Judges Say: Her make-up fits the theme very well, the false eyelashes are very natural looking which gives a more glamorous and vintage look, coupled with well-blended eyeshadows. Description was very clear and easy to understand especially for make-up newbies. Love the extra effort that was put in to create the creative step-by-step guide.

Total Score (Originality+Creativity+Contents+Voting): 26 + 26 + 12+ 10 = 74

Ying Jie

Read her make-up tutorial here

Make-up description: Porcelain Dolls are usually perfect-looking with glazed complexion. They have flawless complexion, big eyes, small nose, small mouth and glowy rosy cheeks. I aim to achieve flawless and glowy skin, with big doe eyes and small pouty ombre lips.

I did a natural makeup look – focusing on base make up, contouring and using mostly natural peachy shades. However, I played up on eye make-up with gyaru eye make-up technique to achieve a more dolly look with the fake eyelashes. Lastly, I also worked on the lips, creating an ombre effect and focusing on getting the perfect shape and pout.

Judges Say: Ying Jie gives a very nude finishing look, lips were definitely a plus point. However, her makeup and her features didn’t present herself as a porcelain doll.  It might be due to the angle of the photos. Clear instructions but post may appear to be a little lengthy and cluttered to read.

Total Score (Originality+Creativity+Contents+Voting): 
19 + 19 + 11+ 15 = 64

Read her make-up tutorial here

Make-up description : I am inspired by Song Hye Kyo’s porcelain skin with a little twist by adding dash of dolly sense on faux top & lower lashes, blue contact lens and a round pinkish blushes

Judges Say: The overall make-up focuses more on smoky eyes rather than a porcelain doll themed look. No instructions are written on the step-by-step guide (unless readers were to view the video tutorial).

Total Score (Originality+Creativity+Contents+Voting): 
22 + 22 + 10+ 5 = 58

Read her make-up tutorial here

 photo DSCF7928.jpg

 photo DSCF7928.jpg

Make-up description: My look is inspired by French/ German porcelain dolls. Porcelain dolls are often portrayed with flawless white skin in fashion shoots, however I’ve decided to adopt an Eurasian look instead, with sun-kissed skin and curls that are soft and can be worn on a daily basis. It’s fun to look like a doll without coming off as scary or deathly pale once in awhile!

Judges Say: Sochii did include French/German inspiration on her final look, but her eyebrow should be on a slightly darker shades. Her look also lacks the pale flawless complexion and rosy cheekbones which was seen on porcelain dolls. Her eyes make up did not create a wow impact.

Total Score (Originality+Creativity+Contents+Voting): 19 + 18 + 11+ 0 = 48


New tutorials will be uploaded on the their blogs on 21 and 29 March! Do help to vote for your favourite make-up look at @tampines 1 Instagram. Voting will commence every Friday to the following Tuesday, 2359.

See you there!

Love, Tampines 1


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