Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just a week away!

Have you prepared your gifts yet? Show your Daddy dearest your love! So if you need some ideas on what great gifts your Dad will love on this Father’s Day (16 June 2013), read on!

Pamper your beloved Dad from head to toe with these awesome gifts!

No matter whether your Dad is working hard all day long, or spending his time leisurely as a retiree, every man of the house needs a good pillow.

Get one of these Beautyrest Neckcare Pillow from Simmons (#04-35) with different level of softness to ensure that he gets a good night’s sleep daily!


If you have more budget, pamper your Dad with GINTELL’s (#04-29) G-BRAVO which massages from neck to thigh, providing a whole new level of massage experience!

Psss… It’s a great gift that can be shared among the whole family as well.


Have you heard of your Dad complaining about his big belly but he never get to do anything about it?

The ezTone from OGAWA (#03-05) helps to shake off 120 calories with 10mins of use! Challenge your Dad on the different positions you can achieve with it. The person who comes up with the most number of creative moves wins.


If your Dad is a great fan of  a particular Football club, the following will be a perfect gift for him.

Customise a set of jerseys at Football Madness (#03-26) with your family’s names imprinted on his favourite club’s jerseys!


Last but not least, every man need a good quality notebook and stationery to jot down all the important details in life!

Enjoy 20% off on selected Parker pens, Cross pens and Grandluxe assorted products at Times Learning + (#03-06) during their Father’s Day promotion!


We hope you find something suitable for your Dad at Tampines 1 and enjoy shopping here.

If you are a Father yourself, we wish you a Happpy Father’s Day!


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