Get Your Eye Health Check at Paris Miki Atrium Fair

You probably have done a few body check-ups with your doctor, but have you been to an eye specialist to get your eyes’ health checked? Many feel the importance of checking the body and not the eyes!

We are lucky to have Paris Miki here at Tampines 1 atrium fair with 4 machines to help our shoppers get their eyes tested!

During the eye test, the staff will advise you on your current eye health conditions and also give you tips on how to take good care of your eyes.

Here are the machines and what they will be checking on ….

1) Eye Pressure



You will be receiving a report which shows the eye pressure of your eyes.
The result slip shows that the right eye has higher pressure than the left eye, which we were advised that it may be due to the the tension your eyes feel when you spent prolong hours looking at the computer screen.


2) Health condition on the front part of your eyes

You will need to look at different directions for the staff to capture a snapshot of your eyes. Healthy eyes will have a smooth surface on the eyelids. Poor hygiene habits when you use contact lenses might cause bumps on the lids, so it is better to find out whether you have been taking good care of your eyes!



3) Eye condition on the back part of your eyes



4) Side visual of your eyes
The machine tests your eyes in a gaming style, try it out yourself to find out how it’s done!


You should get your eyes checked too!
From now till 30 June, Paris Miki will be at Tampines 1 Atrium conducting Eye Health Screening at only $15!


Not only that, you get to shop for discounted items from as low as $50!
Have the best of both worlds by shopping at Tampines 1 today, see you soon! 🙂


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