Ramen Kagetsu Arashi (02-09/10) Opens at Tampines 1!

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi has finally arrived at Singapore and landed in Tampines 1! Established in 1992, Kagetsu is one of the largest Ramen chains in Japan with more than 260 outlets worldwide.

We were happy to be invited to their opening last Wednesday!


The highlight of the opening ceremony was the Kagami Biraki!

Kagami Biraki is a ceremony where Japanese will break open the wooden casks of Sake with mallets during major occasions like store openings, wedding and other celebrations. In Singapore, we usually call it SAKE OPENING!


Professional Taiko performers were also invited to perform at the ceremony. Their performance was awesome and definitely spiced up the night!



After the performance, guests were invited into the restaurant for food tasting!


Ramen Kagetsu Arashi houses a wide range of Ramen broths and additional toppings for diners to choose from.



First up, we have TEPPAN ITAMESHI ($12.90).


As the name suggests, Teppan Itameshi is a main course served with meat, rice and eggs on a hot plate.
The friendly restaurant staff will also help to give the dish a good stir to ensure all the flavours are immersed in the rice!


Next, we had GYOZA ($6/5pc).
The skins are pan-fried to perfection, making the gyoza crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside!


Finally, the main lead of the night was their signature ramen, ARASHI GENKOTSU RAMEN ($12.90).

The ramen uses Tonkotsu broth simmered with pork marrow, pork, collagen, fats and garlic.  Fresh garlics will also be served upon request for you to enhance the taste of the soup, making it more flavoursome!


If you are looking for some spiciness to excite your taste buds, add in these special spicy chives instead of the usual chilli powder!


We were all very satisfied with the dishes served, and can’t wait to try out more broths and toppings during our next visit!

If you are craving for ramen, why not come to RAMEN KAGETSU ARASHI (#02-09/10) too!

Hope to see you at Tampines 1 soon!


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