Tampines 1 Sumptuous Bloggers Food Trail

7 Food and Lifestyle Bloggers were invited to Tampines 1 Food Trail at 10 participating F&B outlets to indulge an in afternoon of gastronomic foodie experience!


Thanks to the following participating tenants, the bloggers had a really great time savouring all the yummy food and desserts!

Participating F&B outlets include:

* Lenas
* MOF @ Izakaya
* Fish & Co.
* JPOT- Hotpot Singapore Style
* Ramen Kagetsu Arashi
* DeConti Caffe & Gelato
* J.CO Coffee & Donuts
* Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert
* Dairy Queen
* Yoguru

Tampines 1 Blogger Food Trail 2

Tampines 1 Blogger Food Trail 1

We admire the enthusiasm and sporting attitude the bloggers possessed during the 7 hours feasting, tasting cuisines like American Italian courses, Fresh Japanese Sashimi, to Healthy and Hearty Desserts!

Tampines 1 Food Trail 1Tampines 1 Food Trail 2Tampines 1 Food Trail 3

photo credit: Sherie Saccharine

Here’s some drooling entries posted by our beloved bloggers to educated you on the MUST EAT in Tampines 1!

Don Koh: Tampines 1 Food Trail Part 1 and Part 2

 photo P9293440.jpg

Susan Wong: Food hunts at Tampines 1 Part 1Part 2 and Part 3

Hong Peng: Delightful Bloggers Food Trail at Tampines 1 blog entry

Tampines 1 Food Trail 6

If you love what you see on their blogs, why not come to Tampines 1 soon for your favourite indulgence!

Look out for this space to be updated on the entries of the rest of the 4 bloggers!


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