What Should Guys Wear This Christmas?

It’s the time of the year again!

If you are pondering what to wear for the coolest parties in town, check this entry out!

For parties that require you to play a few games, mingle around or simply just chill and have fun, the following outfits must be on the top of your list!


Natural Project     #02-17


Esprit     #02-05/08

Getting excited because you are going to meet the family of your significant other, and it seems appropriate to dress smart?

The following outfits are the looks you might want to consider for looking smart yet not overdressed for the important night.


Esprit      #02-05/08


Esprit     #02-05/08

For corporate Christmas dinner or a black tie event, you would need to dress primp and proper in a fitted jacket and put on your best bow tie. We love how Topman has put together the outfit to be fashionable yet sophisticated.


Topman     #01-25/27

No matter which look you are going for, Tampines 1 will be a great place for you to revamp your wardrobe for the new year, and be the limelight at all parties!


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