Make Your Kids Happy This Christmas!

Calling all parents out there! Want to know how to cheer your little ones up this Christmas at Tampines 1?

Christmas is always a good reason for you to bring your kids to shop for their new clothes and adorable accessories for the festivities.

2Kids Wear (#04-K7) houses a wide array of kids’ products ranging from apparel to bags and shoes. Their affordable apparel starts from $10 for a full outfit!



Your little girl will definitely fall in love with these sweet and dainty dresses!


No outfit will be complete without these cute little shoes.

How can we forget the boys?

Your boys can choose their favourite tees and shoes from a wide selection of prints, characters and style!



Christmas is all about family bonding and doing things together in a fun way!

Daiso (#03-17/18) has all your Christmas decoration needs at $2! Let your kids choose their favourite items and decorate the house to their liking. Not only are you able to spend time with your kids, you are able to unleash their creativity too.



If you are bad at gift wrapping, why not choose an exquisite gift box and ribbons at Daiso, and bid goodbye to another wrapping disaster.


Most kids love soft toys, and Hello Kitty got to be one of girls’ best friends.

UrbanWrite (B1-09/10) houses a whole shelf of Hello Kitty accessories, toys and stationery to make all girls scream “So cute!”


Our favourite item got to be this magical Hello Kitty which allows you to draw on it and the ink will magically disappear after 4-5 hours. Moreover, the kitty is washable!


Not a Hello Kitty fan? Don’t worry!

Because CUBE-I’s (#03-05) wide range of cartoon characters might have what you need to cheer your kids up!


After all the shopping, remember to visit our Wildlife Water Playground at the rooftop to have some fun!


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