Happ1nes Is Celebrating Easter Day!

Cold Storage (B1-01/02) has a variety of Easter Eggs in the form of sweets and chocolates to get ready for the upcoming Easter Day on 20 April!

Easter eggs are special eggs given out during Easter Day. The traditional Easter eggs require effort to dye and paint the chicken eggs, which symbolize fertility,  into colourful patterned eggs. The modern custom has however substituted Easter eggs with chocolate eggs and plastic eggs filled with confectionery such as jelly beans and sweets.

Now let’s take a look at what Cold Storage has to offer this Easter!

Redeem an Easter inspired mug when you spend $8 on KitKat products! So appropriate for a cuppa hot chocolate on Easter Day!

If your kids are having an Easter party in school, you may get these adorable Easter chocolates for them to share with their friends!





Not a fan of sweet and adorable chocolates? Fret not! You may consider these Lindt chocolates that come with the choice of 70% Cacao and extra fondant.



With these great choices at Cold Storage, we are sure that this Easter Day will be a fun-filled one with your family and friends!

Happy Easter Day!



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