Prepare For Your Chinese Customary Wedding At The Chinese Wedding Shop!

Congratulations to all soon-to-be brides and grooms out there!

If you have a lot of questions on what to prepare for your Chinese customary wedding, and would like to find out what each item represents, we are here to answer some of your questions with the help of The Chinese Wedding Shop (04-12)!

Dowry, Jia Zhuang 嫁妆
The Bride will bring the Dowry items to the Groom’s family and place inside the couple’s room two to three weeks before the wedding.

Dowry usually consists of sewing kits and baby prosperity sets, which symbolize the good virtues of the bride and that she is ready to take up the role of a married woman.



Bedside Prosperity Lamps, 添丁灯

The bedside lamps should be turned on, and placed together on the left side of the couple’s bed for 3 days 3 nights from the day of bed setting. They provide well wishes for the couple to bear children soon after their marriage.


Betrothal, Guo Da Li 过大礼
Also known as ‘Na Zhen’, Betrothal is the formality by the groom to bind both families together, and it shows the sincerity of the Groom to the Bride’s family.

Traditionally, this process is done two to three months before the distribution of invitation cards where a senior relative will accompany the groom to present the “Pin Jin” 聘金 and the pre-discussed gifts to the bride’s family.

Nowadays this process is usually done two to three weeks before the wedding day and a good friend can also accompany the groom.


The types of items in the Betrothal set varies for different dialect groups.


Betrothal set for Hokkien family.


Betrothal set for Cantonese family.


Betrothal set for Teochew family

Different Betrothal baskets are used by different dialect groups too!

Hokkien and Hakka uses Black & Red baskets.
Teochew uses the traditional Bamboo baskets.


Hair CombingShang Tou 上头
A Chinese wedding practice where parents will comb their children’s hair, signifying that they had entered their next stage of life – adulthood.
The night before their wedding, the Groom and Bride will bathe with water infused with pomegranate leaves and change into new pyjamas and slippers. After which, they will be ready for the hair combing ceremony.

Tea Ceremony, 敬茶

Tea Ceremony on the actual wedding  is a significant way to show respect and gratitude to the couple’s parents for their years of love and care. Tea is the symbol of purity, stability and fertility.

Tea sets come in different designs nowadays, ranging from modern Chinese prints such as peonies, dragons, to your favourite cartoon characters. They also come in matching dessert bowls at The Chinese Wedding Shop!





Above are some of the common practices of  a Chinese customary wedding. If you wanna find out more, you may look for the friendly staff at The Chinese Wedding Shop (04-12)!

Other than traditional wedding items, you may find interesting wedding related decor and necessities here too!


Cute couple figurines that you can use to decorate your new room!


Stickers that can be used to decorate your new house, wedding stationery, or even Ang Bao boxes!


Classic, adorable and modern Ang Baos!

Find out more at The Chinese Wedding Shop today!



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