1-For-1 Waffle At Gelare!

The newly opened Gelare (04-K2/K3)  is offering 1-for-1 Waffle promotion from now till 30 November, only at Tampines 1!

We are so excited over the great deal, so we visited Gelare after our lunch for some sweet treats!

We ordered the classic Waffle with chocolate sauce ($8, 1-for-1) and topped up with Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Overload for our first waffle!

The Cookies & Cream ice cream is filled with generous chucks of cookies, and the ice cream is smooth and not too sweet. As the name suggests, the Chocolate Overload has a rich chocolate flavour and it tasted heavenly!

Gelare Tampines 1 ..

Classic Waffle + 2 scoops of ice cream ($10.60)

For our second waffle, we chose Cookie Dough and Banana. Cookie Dough is filled with chucks of rich choclate chips, and the unique Banana flavour is surprisingly addictive!

The crispy waffle was a perfect combination with the chocolate sauce and ice cold ice cream. We were enjoying our sweet treats till the very last bite!

Gelare Tampines 1 ...

Other than the 4 flavours that we tried, Gelare offers more than 10 selections of unique and conventional ice cream flavours daily.

We can’t wait to try out the Oregon Hazelnut flavour that is low fat, Pistachio, Honey Malt Crunch and Swiss Choc Caramel flavours for our next visit (slurppp!!)

Gelare Tampines 1 . Gelare Tampines 1

You may end off your sweet journey with a cup of aromatic Latte ($5.20)!
Other than coffee, Gelare also serves a wide variety of beverages such as Smoothies, Frappe and Snapple etc.

Gelare Tampines 1...

For customers looking for a filling meal, Gelare has cakes and pies to satisfy your hunger too!

Gelare Tampines 1.....

Gelare is now Halal certified, and their ice cream are vegan! Thanks to the thoughtful peeps at Gelare, everyone can now enjoy yummy desserts and coffee in one cafe!

Gelare Tampines 1 .....

Why wait? Visit Gelare today and give your sweet tooth a satisfying treat!

Gelare Tampines 1 .........


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